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"Our Sustainability Policy"


Social inclusion.

We seek the participation of all types of people in all our cultural activities, which is why we give access to older people, people with disabilities, LGBTI people, penitentiary centers and people at risk of poverty or homeless, offering exclusive passes for these groups to come to our community, or including them in the general passes:


“Seniors without hesitation” for all residences and day centers on the island.

Screening of children's and youth short films where Adislan users attend.

Cinema mural contest the invitation is sent to several Associations on the island.

Sample of short films at the Tahiche penitentiary center.


Environmental commitment

Reduce and compensate!! This year we are committed to training future ecomanagers in audiovisual productions. We have also developed a sustainability plan so that our environmental impact is as small as possible. That is why we have a consulting firm that helps us improve and a sustainability manager that takes care of that the proposed measures are carried out.

Minimize paper
We encourage all information to be provided through social networks and our website, but for cases where this is not possible, such as brochures, we look for more sustainable materials such as certified paper and ecological inks. This year we have also reduced printing by 25% compared to previous years and we intend to continue in this line in the coming years.

Shared transportation
We seek to minimize transfers, so we opt for 9-seater or hybrid vehicles and we will always move in shared cars.


Containers for selective collection
We don't want to be the excuse for not recycling! So we have selective collection containers in the spaces where our activities take place.

Waste reduction

Glass water bottles, reusable cups

Reusable bottles for jurors.

Staff Training
The entire team agrees to follow these guidelines during the development of the festival and to participate in a prior training talk to clarify any doubts they may have.

Information to providers and participants
We are committed to informing all suppliers and participants in our festival of the commitment we have to sustainability and to increase measures in future editions.

Reused or reusable materials
The use of this type of materials will be encouraged in the contests organized by the festival such as “Film Window Dressing”.

Sustainable merchandising
Our t-shirts are made with recycled cotton and ECO inks.

Proximity jury
We try to ensure that the majority of the festival's juries are local, so we prioritize professionals from our islands with a capacity of almost 65%.

KM0 Products
We are committed to promoting the consumption of local and local products at the events held during the festival.

Compensatory actions
We are committed to carrying out actions on our island to compensate for the negative impact that we may cause, one of those measures will be the creation of a green space within the city in collaboration with the Reef city council, each year we will expand that space for the use and enjoyment of citizens, and thus trying to offset our carbon footprint.

Gender equality.

Through the Children's and Youth Short Film Exhibition we select short films with high educational and social value, aimed at young people and children. Because we firmly believe that many values are acquired from a young age, and the big screen plays a fundamental role in the education of these values. Also from the organization of the festival we facilitate the family conciliation of our workers and collaborators, allowing teleworking and freedom of schedules.

We try to always have equal participation of men and women in all sections of the festival.

FICL Sustainability Plan
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