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The youngest people on the island are always the first spectators of the Lanzarote International Film Festival (FICL), which has just opened its twenty-fourth edition, reports from the Cabildo. Last week, from April 15 to 19, a total of 3,959 students from seventeen educational centers on the island gathered at the Víctor Fernández Gopar „El Salinero‟ theater to "witness a selection of 25 short films with content specially chosen for each age group".
Cinema is a first-rate educational tool that serves as a conductor to introduce the call to reflect on important issues.” "With this activity we managed to involve the youngest in a festival established in the national cultural agenda."

"Behind each chosen short film lies a topic on which it is necessary to reflect and dialogue", they address topics such as friendship, environmental protection and climate change, war, artificial intelligence, immigration, cooperation, self-esteem , new technologies, diversity, improvement, etc.

"The experience was commented by the teacher and actress Miren Edurne Vázquez, who introduced each film with a small performance that encouraged critical thinking," they report.
"It increases the interest of the educational community in attending the screenings"
The greatest joy of the Festival is that each year "the interest of the educational community in attending the screenings increases," they make clear. On this occasion, the educational centers CEIP Nieves Toledo, CEIP Adolfo Topham, CEIP La Destila, CEIP Antonio Zerolo, CEIP Capellanía del Yágabo, CEIP Titerroy, CEIP Benito Méndez Tarajano, CEO Playa Blanca, CEO Argana Alta, CPE Santa María de los Volcanes, IES San Bartolomé, La Fundación Canaria Flora Acoge, Arenas Internacional, IES Playa Honda, IES Las Maretas, IES Blas Cabrera Felipe and PFAE Cabildo de Lanzarote.
They confirm "the success of this pedagogical experience" that "begins in the screening room and ends in the classrooms", with "significant learning activities."

On the other hand, the FICL invites the island's students to present their own works in the "School Shorts Competition", which accepts applications until Wednesday, May 10 and will present the awards at a gala that will take place in the Sala Teatro at the Atlántida Multiplexes, on Sunday, May 19. Those interested can register through the website:

PLACE:  "Víctor Fernández Gopar Theater. El Salinero"

DATES: From Monday, April 15 to Thursday, April 18, in the morning.

The coordination is carried out by Verónica Aguiar Corujo


INFANTIL de 5 a 8 años (Infantil de 6a a 2º Primaria)

Pequeño ventilador - Alemania - Sveta YUFEROVA

Cuento de zorro - Portugal - Alexandra Allen

O Monstro E A NenaEspañaJorge Juan Costas Mira

L'autre planète - Belgium - Dimitri Kimplaire

La mecánica de la armonía - España - Luis Castellanos

Argo e Odi - Italy - Luca Di Cecca

Los Caballeros del Árbol del Roble - Mexico - Juan Manuel Barreda

Pillar of Strength - Malaysia - Aie Ibrahim

TAP TAP - Francia - Le Guen François

PRIMARIA de 8 años a 12 años (de 3º a 6º de Primaria)

Bird DroneAUSTRALIARadheya Jegatheva

ORAIN - España - Ainara Oto Barberena

HOPE - Colombia - Jeff Monroy

Breve historia de la humanidad - Argentina - Sebastian Dietsch

Quem Sabe? - Brazil - Milena Mendonça Decourt

Con Los Del Banco - España - Marina Galilea

Nube - Mexico - Diego Alonso Sánchez de la Barquera Estrada

Dreaming Big - España - Carmen Pelaz, Patricia Ferrer

SECUNDARIA de 12 a 16 años (ESO)

Genesis - España - Ceres Machado Torres

Where are you from? - Animation Short Films - Juan Cristiani

Rutina - España - Roberto López Carneiro

Lia IRL - United Kingdom - Milda Baginskaite

RUMBLE - Francia - JOSEPH-SYLVESTRE Axel (3D Objectif)

Best before - Canadá - Louis Pelletier

Pirouette - Alemania - Ciara Borgards

La dame à la poupée - Francia - Ariane Chonville

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