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One of our favorite sessions. This is the screening of short films with themes aimed at our elders. And we've been there for 16 years now!

In 2023, fifteen years have passed, proving that older people love to watch movies and, above all, think about them.

140 spectators attended the screening, one of the most exciting at the FICL.

We were accompanied by the Hospital Insular senior residence, the Tinajo residence, Amavis Tías, Amavis Haría, Las Cabreras, the Maragua day center (Tiagua), the Edén day center (Arrecife) and the Grupo Simpatia senior association.

The themes of the short films were very varied:

- The Herreño whistle

- Intergenerational communication

- Sex in the elderly

It was great to have with us Javier Pérez Mejías and Ángela Jiménez, director and director of the short "El silbo herreño"

In his 20 years of residence on Meridian Island, Javier had never heard whistling. Until he participated in a study coordinated by Jonay Acosta, through the Herreño Silbo Association, which involved hours of recordings to collect whistles. “There is great interest in recovering the memory of the Herreño whistle,” Javier told us.

His short film has also made visible those who fled and were persecuted during the Franco dictatorship.

“This audience is great, they are the ones who have experienced the whistle. The objective of this work is that it is not lost and can continue to be used as what it is: a work tool,” Ángela added.

The screening was presented and energized by: Alberto Durán, senior sociocultural activities technician and therapeutic leisure coordinator at the Hospital Insular de Lanzarote, and Silvia Romero, presenter and director of the Moda Lanzarote TV program

We thank the Lanzarote Cabildo for collaborating with this activity by taking charge of the transportation of users (it is always the big problem that older people have in participating in the cultural life of the island).

Thank you!

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