María Pujalte

(La Coruña, 1966) A renowned actress for her performances in cinema, TV and theatre. She became well known to the audience after her role as Mamen in the TV series Periodistas and, at a later stage, as Mónica in Siete vidas. She has played the role of Laura in Los misterios de Laura and  Susana, in Los Quién, and has also taken part in one of the episodes of TV series “Web Therapy” for Movistar Plus (2016). We have more recently seen her in the TV series ToyBoy, but her main role this year has been playing teacher Bolaño in the Movistar+ TV series Merlí, Sapere Aude and also for her role as Macarena Lombardo, in the 3 seasons of the TV series Vota Juan for Movistar+, and the pending last season to be released by HBO, of Venga Juan, alongside Javier Cámara.

Usoa Ibarra

Born on 28th February 1978 in Hospital de Cruces (Barakaldo-Bizkaia). At 22 years of age, just after having graduated in Journalism at the UPV, she went to Lanzarote to work for the newspaper «La Voz de Lanzarote». Ever since, she has had different positions such as journalist, host, broadcaster, etc. in most local media. In 2018, she finished her Primary Teaching degree at UNIR and in 2021, her First «Graphic Advertising» course at the Escuela Pancho Lasso Art School. She is also a  child and teenager Mindfulness instructor on behalf of the Spanish Transpersonal Development School and the European University «Miguel de Cervantes».

Roberto Casañas

He’s a Doctor in Fine Arts (ULL, 2015) and works as an Audiovisual Media Professor at the Pancho Lasso Art School in Lanzarote.  He has received several awards as a photographer, and has taken part in individual and collective exhibitions, such as Fotonoviembre (2003, 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2013). In the last year of his degree at the Fine Arts School in Rome (2001), he started his audiovisual experimenting. As a short film filmmaker, his first fiction and documentary movies were Sábado por la tarde and Viaje a Lanzarote, was screened, among others, at the Lanzarote International Film Festival in 2009 and 2010 respectively. With his production company, “El paraíso invisible”, he released his latest short film Cena de Navidad (2020), selected at a number of national and international horror film festivals.