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Iván Umpiérrez Cañada.

A native audiovisual director from Lanzarote, after studying marketing he immersed himself in audiovisual language and assisting in film production in Tenerife between 2016 and 2018. Iván has made video clips, spots and videobooks, but his true passion lies in short films, where Its main focus is on conveying emotions and achieving the best result with limited resources.


Among other recognitions as a short filmmaker, the following stand out: “Fuera de Hora”: Winner of the First Prize at the Festivalito de La Palma 2016. “Herencia”: Recognition for the best script and photography at the FICL express 2017. “I'm still here”: Mention for its cinematographic value at the FICL express 2019, “Perdóname José”: Winner of the First Prize and Audience Award at the FICL 2021express.b“28.9”: finalist in the San Bartolomé CreaJoven 2021 competition. ”: Won First and Second Prize at the FICL-Roberto Pérez Toledo 2022. “Family and tradition”: First prize Joven Teguise 2022


In the field of film production, Iván has participated in productions such as “The Heart of the Sea”, “Silent Witness”, “Star Wars: Han Solo”, “Oro” and “Wonder Woman 1984”. He has also collaborated in festivals such as “Camerimage” in Poland, “ESFF” in Scotland, Lanzarote's own “FICL”, “Tenerife Noir” and “MAPAS”.

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