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Foto Blanca Portillo .jpeg

Blanca Portillo

Renowned actress, producer. She has won the Goya Award for best actress for Maixabel (2021) and was also nominated for her role in The Color of the Clouds (1997), Volver (2006) and Seven French Billiard Tables (2007).

Iván Umpiérrez Cañada

A native audiovisual director from Lanzarote, after studying marketing he immersed himself in audiovisual language and assisting in film production in Tenerife between 2016 and 2018. Iván has made video clips, spots and videobooks, but his true passion lies in short films, where Its main focus is on transmitting emotions and achieving the best result with limited resources...

Foto Ivan Umpiérrez Cañada.jpeg
Foto Lauren Collins.jpeg

Lauren Collins

Lauren Collins was born in Ireland in 1998. At the age of six she moved to Lanzarote, where she began writing and producing music. At the same time he made his own videos and developed, self-taught, in the audiovisual field.


Irene Escolar

Irene Escolar Navarro is a Spanish film, theater and television actress, winner of the Goya for Best New Actress in 2015, awarded at the San Sebastián Film Festival, winner of the Fotogramas de Plata for best theater actress in 2018 and the RNE Critical Eye

Foto Irene Escolar.jpeg
Foto Pablo Padron.jpeg

Pablo Padrón

Film, television and theater actor. Born in Lanzarote, but based in Madrid, he is totally dedicated to acting, he has participated in the series: “La Favorita”, “Muertos SL”, “Una menos en canarias”, “La Promesa”, “Cuéntame como paso” among others , he has also directed and starred in several short films and theatrical performances.

María del Río

Diploma in Social Work and Graduate in Art History from the University of Granada. Doctoral course on Tourism and Sustainable Development by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC). International Master in Rehabilitation of Built Heritage (CICOP La Laguna). Postgraduate degrees on Fostering, Adoption and Post-adoption from the University of Barcelona.

Foto María del Río.jpeg


Foto Benito Zambrano.jpeg

Benito Zambrano

Prominent Andalusian director, he began his career in the early 80s filming short films. He made his film debut with "Solas" (1999), a moving film set in Seville about loneliness in old age and family relationships, which earned him several Goya Awards, including Best Original Screenplay, Best New Director and several acting awards.

María Paz Vargas

She is a social and health psychologist, university specialist in minors in difficulty and social conflict (UPC), university master's degree in Research in Psychology (UNED) and university master's degree in Psychology of Social Intervention (UNED). She also trained as a teacher in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (CMRP Bangor University).

Foto Maria Paz Vargas.jpg
Foto Marta Etura.jpeg

Marta Etura

Trained at the Cristina Rota School and with Contemporary Dance classes, she has stood out in film and theater. His career took off in 2001 with the film "Sin Shame" by Joaquín Oristrell, followed by "La Vida de Nadie" and "Para que no me memorias", both recognized with Goya Award nominations. In 2006, she was nominated for the Goya for Best Leading Actress for "AzulOscuroCasiNegro" and won in 2010 as Best Supporting Actress for "Celda 211". More recently...


Juanjo Artero

Renowned Spanish film, theater and television actor. He rose to fame at the young age of 14 when he played the role of Javi in the iconic series Verano azul. Throughout his career, he has stood out in series such as El comisario, where he played sub-inspector Carlos "Charlie" Márquez, and in El barco, where he played the role of Ricardo Montero, the captain of the school ship.

Foto Juan Artero.jpeg
Foto Cristina MArsoc.jpeg

Cristina Marsoc

She is a multidisciplinary plastic artist, cultural educator, with a degree in Fine Arts, with studies and/or professional experience in fashion design, interpretation, film, marketing, advertising, organization of cultural events and art therapy.

Elena Ramírez Reguera

She has a degree in Art History from the University of Valencia, where she also completed her Master's Degree in Cultural Heritage and Museology in 2011. During her training years, she participated in conferences, taught university classes and contributed articles to the magazine Ars Longa.

Foto Elena Ramírez Reguera.jpeg


Foto Ruth Armas.jpeg

Ruth Armas

Canarian actress and television presenter, she has recently been part of: 'Disco, Ibiza, Locomía', 'Christmas in Your Hands' and 'La isla del viento'.

Alby Robaina

Throughout his career, he has received acting training, highlighting courses taught by renowned professionals in the theater field. His experience includes collaborations in music-theatrical and dance shows, as well as in various theatrical works, both as an actor and director. He has participated in short films and has been part of the Comi-K Teatro Company, where he has performed a variety of award-winning works.

Foto Alby Robaina.jpg
Foto Marta Lorenzo.jpg

Marta Lorenzo

Graduated in child nutrition, child therapist, monitor of children's and youth free-time activities (2013), school cafeteria monitor and event and public relations hostess.

She has worked for the Culture Area of the Lanzarote Cabildo as a hostess since 2017 and appointed coordinator of the hostesses in 2023.

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