Rufina Santana

I have a Passion in life: Art. I’m in constant search for Beauty and Harmony, in my profession, my life, my family and friends, my studies, my travelling… Everything is interconnected. I develop my talent with every artistic project I get involved in, and I find happiness when I produce excellent work. Aiming to serve, I’m always observant, creating worth for collectors and those around me. Many of them are already followers or close friends. I’m also believed to be a traveller in style, curious, positive, timeless and ahead of my times. It’s great to be seen that way, I must say! When I get obsessed with something, I start drawing and painting relentlessly. Well, to tell you the truth, I have never needed a holiday, because I’m always working on what I enjoy the most, and on doing things I’m truly Unique at. There are four verbs (actions) which are very significant to me: Know, Dare, Love and Work in Silence. The quote I most love signing with, is: Living Life and Art: Rufina Santana. Art and Nature is my favourite combination. Entering the Inside of the Garden searching for the original pursuit, “Hesperides”. Large Murals: “Ocean Blue”, besotted waters portraying the myths of Narcissus, Dionysius and Caronte. A rescue mission and eco-friendly awareness for “Garden Archeology”; paintings and collection of branches gathered.

Germán Barrios

He started as an actor at 18 years of age, and shortly afterwards he combined performing with theatre direction. He trained as an actor and director with Gustavo Mendoza and Quino Falero. He performed in many plays and short films throughout his career. He has also directed several plays. He is currently a role model in the Canarian drama scene.

Alex Zacharias

Ever since I was a child, I used to love watching TV series such as “The Night Rider”, “The A Team”, “MacGyver”, “Walker” or “Bay Watch”, I even filmed a short film with my father and my best friends at age 10, about a robbery and a car chase. Since then, I have always loved adrenaline and extreme sports, so I started driving motorbikes and cars at 13. I did boxing, surfing, football and anything I thought was fun doing. At 21, I left the island and pursued my dream to become a professional football player, which I ended up having to give up on due to several injuries. I was frustrated and didn’t know where to turn, because I had never thought to come up with a plan B. My sister Luna showed me a different path that I had never imagined would end up being what I now live and fight for and truly enjoy: acting. I currently keep on training and improving.