FICL 2022




Aitor is a physiotherapist that has always loved swimming and sports in general. His most important date in the year 2021 is October 2nd, when the Bocaina challenge takes place. This challenge consists on crossing from Lanzarote to Fuerteventura (15kms.) swimming. But a big ankle sprain 2 months before the date makes the challenge even harder.


Video editor and director of “Weis Productions Lanzarote” and “Despacito por el mundo” that include work on promotional campaigns, such as the Lanzarote 2020 recycling campaign, various advertisements, as well as video clips, all in the Canary Islands.
Air traffic controller by profession and father as main profession.

NOCHE DE GUARDIA –  The Night Owls

After being expelled from a nightclub, Paula and Lucía wander alone at night enduring the screams and whistles of the highway harassers. When they arrive at the nearest stop, some boys appear in a car who offer to take them home since at that time no more buses pass by. The girls agree and the return trip turns out not to be what they expected. Canary Islands, 1950.


Born in Tenerife and currently living in Gran Canaria; Samuel Labrador has been experimenting with cameras, lights and stories since school. His high school shorts (eg “The man trapped in the tree”, “DARDO or Chronicle of an actor on the run”) have won seven awards at the CINEDFEST festival. Now, training at the Instituto del Cine Canarias, he presents his first work: “Noche de Guardia (The Night Owls)”, the end-of-course project for the first year of the film directing diploma.


In the midst of a global pandemic, a man arrives at an empty hotel where he has made an appointment. Wishing to redeem his loneliness, only some curious birds seem to accompany him.


He studied film and Philosophy and Master Creative Documentary in Pompeu Fabra University. He has made “The Hidden City”, awarded with the Best documentary film in Feroz awards and the full length documentary “Edificio España” (2012) nominated to GOYA Awards to best documentary. He’s author of other medium and short films as “The stone” (2013) and “The stranger” (2009) awarded abroad. His films has been shown in more than 30 international festivals as IDFA, San Sebastián, Karlovy Vary, Viennale, San Francisco, Bafici o Visions du reel and exhibited in places as the Lincoln Center (New York), The Pompidou Museum (Paris), the Barbican Center (London) and Reina Sofia Museum (Madrid). He also work in video installations presented in Cineteca Matadero (Madrid) and MIAC de Lanzarote and teaches at several film schools. He had offered master classes about his films in universities such as La Sorbonne (Paris) or University of Southern California (Los Angeles). From 2015 to 2017 he was the artistic director of the Muestra de Cine of Lanzarote, Canary Islands.


Canary Islands, 1950. The Canarian peoples are forced to emigrate to Cuba and Venezuela due to social and economic problems. Benito, embarks today for South America. A situation that has been repeated throughout history and in all directions.


Dennis García, nacido en Tenerife en 1993. Estudia un FP superior de producción audiovisual y el grado en cinematografía en la prestigiosa Escola de Cinematografia y Audiovisuales de Catalunya (ESCAC). Realiza varios cortometrajes multipremiados.

LA HOSTIA – Oh, Lord!

11:45 in the morning. Everything seems to be going normal until something falls from the sky…


Trabajador multitarea dentro del audiovisual en Canarias, Sergio escribió el guion de la mini Web serie “Paul Kersey & White Chocolate Vs The Kung Fu Robotic Mafia” de la que también fue su co-protagonista. En el 2017 escribe, junto a Jose J. Ramallo y a su hermano Vasni J. Ramos el guion del largometraje “Apocalipsis Voodoo”, del que también ejerce de coproductor ejecutivo y coprotagonista principal. En el 2019 escribe el argumento del largometraje Holocausto Vampiro, proyecto en fase de desarrollo. Director del cortometraje “La Nueva Hermandad” (2019), premiado en el Festival San Rafael en Corto dentro de su palmarés como uno de los cortometrajes más destacados, y seleccionado en multitud de festivales. Actualmente trabaja como creativo en la Agencia “Lauder Creativa” y como productor en “The Kung Fu Brothers”.


Lucas is one of the sons of Mama, 20 years after the emigration of his father with his sister Jimena and his brother Eduardo, the last one will return to propose the possible sale of the last territories of his mother’s fields. Lucas will have to convince his brother so this action does not take place.


Born and raised in the Canary Islands, from the age of 16 the young conejero began his journey through the world of audiovisual writing, directing and acting in his own short films, which gave him the opportunity to go to study in Madrid after receiving several awards on his native island for his interpretive work.
He is represented by Olga Antúnez and currently a third year student of the Performing Arts and Interpretation Degree, with a self-taught and non-conformist attitude to improve and be a better actor and person in his passion. Some of his projects have been acting in the 22nd Season of “Cuéntame”, “Tierra de Mamá”, actor in “Paintings Fugadas”.

MADRES – Mothers

Tatiana, an immigrant from Eastern Europe is forced to rent her womb to Carlos and Emma, a wealthy young couple who cannot have children.


Born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 1973. He soon joined different artistic disciplines, such as comics and poetry, where he received several awards. He started in the audiovisual world in 2002 and produced the short film “Autorretrato”, which received the San Borondón award for best Canarian short film at the Festivalito de La Palma 2004. After a few years dedicated to the work of assistant director, returns to directing with the short film “Paula’s breasts” in 2009. Highlights include “Amanecer” 2016, “La Muñeca Rota” (2018).



Mila, a short film about a little girl whose life takes an unexpected turn during World War II and was inspired by the Director’s mother. It is a war story that centers on civilian children. It is produced by the world’s largest independent virtual studio collaboration ever created. 350 animation professionals from 35 countries volunteered their time and talent over the last ten years.


Cinzia Angelini, director and creator of animated films, has worked for major international studios in the animation industry for more than twenty-five years. While she started out as both a 2D and 3D animator, she later became a story artist for Warner Brothers, Sony Imageworks, Duncan Studio, Disney Animation Studios, Dreamworks and Illumination Entertainment. Her body of work includes Balto, Prince of Egypt, Spirit, Spider-man 2, Bolt, The Minions Movie and Despicable Me 3. Cinzia is currently directing HITPIG, an upcoming animated feature for Cinesite Studios. Cinzia has also written and directed “Mila,” a high-quality CG short film about a little girl from Trento, whose life takes an unexpected turn in WWII. Her idea of bridging cultural diversity through the magic of animation, led to an invitation to speak at TEDx Trento, and at TEDx Vail-Colorado. Cinzia moved to Los Angeles in 1997, where she currently lives with her family.


Testimonies from relatives trace the itinerary of a woman and a man forced to leave their native countryside to settle in the outskirts of Bogotá and work on the industrial creation of decorative pieces for trucks… On a lifetime scale, YUGO questions the capitalist and liberal economic development of Latin America and its consequences on humans beings, through the environmental and societal changes it generates.


The work of Carlos Gómez Salamanca focuses on painting and audiovisual languages. In his recent works he reconstructs images and visual archives in order to create animations that explore, from a critical perspective, different social and culture aspects of his country. – CARNE, his first animated short film – launched in the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in 2013 and awarded the Special Jury Prize in the Havana film Festival – is made of animated sequences that reveal isolated and tangential actions that take place around the sacrifice of an animal in a rural celebration. – LUPUS, his second audiovisual production, centers on a raw crime report in order to enter into the wild side of the city, demonstrating the relation between a pack of abandoned dogs that return to a wild state (wolves), and the uncontrolled expansion of urbanization in their native city. – YUGO explores the relationship between work, economy and illness in industrial environments of the suburbs in Bogota.


This short movie pays tribute to the great painter Vassily Kandinsky, illustrating the fruition of his work, his artistic uniqueness and some stories of his life through animation.


Ileana Dana Darie is a professor of 3D animation and traditional animation at NAD School since 2007. She started her 3D animation career in 1999 in charge of rigging. In August of 2008 she debuted her film “Abstract Trilogy” at the World Film Festival in Montreal. Her second short animation “The cage that is my beauty” received two international awards in 2010 and 2011, and played in numerous festivals around the world.


In this society each human being repeats the same action over and over again, in this society each human being repeats the same action over and over again, in this society each human being repeats the same action over and over again, in this society each human being repeats the same action over and over again.


Pablo Polledri is a prolific filmmaker, who has developed a multitude of animation pieces, always working independently until now. Considered one of the most outstanding animators of Argentine animation, he has a very extensive filmography with 20 developed works, as well as a multitude of commercial works for international brands. CORP, his previous 2D animated short film, obtained more than 220 selections in international festivals and more than 50 awards.


Locked up and isolated, a prisoner starts to lose his grip on reality. Without the influence of the outside world his imagination and the real world start to merge. Over time, he learns to control his surroundings and sees the opportunity to escape with the help of his newly found powers. After a long chase, he manages to reach the prison gates. But the renewed contact to the outside world and its impact on the senses makes him lose his capabilities to shape the environment. Eventually he decides to return to his cell, now that his self imposed illusions appeal more to him than the comparatively dull reality.


Igor Medvedev was born 1990 in St. Petersburg and currently lives in Berlin. In 2015, he graduated from the University of Applied Science and Arts in Hannover with a bachelor’s degree in Media Design. Since then he has been working as a freelance animator and illustrator on various projects. In 2017, he joined the Animation Direction M.F.A. program at the Konrad Wolf Film University of Babelsberg. The subject of his films is often the border between dreams and reality. In his work he combines various 2D/3D techniques and creates fluent transitions.


If the streets could talk, what would they say?
Aurora is a sad and lonely street of a big city. On a rainy day, she remembers her trajectory and dreams about the future asking herself: is it possible for a street to die?


Radhi is a brazilian screenwriter, animator and educator. Her authorial work includes some award-winning works, such as the short film “Peripatético” (2016), award for best script at the Brasilia Festival of Brazilian cinema, the argument “Mabel e Sara” (2018), first place in the LATAM Contest for students of the Brazil and Florida in 2018, and the script “My mother does not open the door” (2019), which received the ROTA / CABÍRIA award for best female protagonist in 2019.


A young, indefatigable office worker deals with an overwhelming workload. After work, he faints and falls beside a pile of trash on the street and accidentally meets a lazy, alcoholic street child who is living in the pile of trash. They stare at each other. The film raises a question: what exactly do we drink? Coffee or caffeine, whisky or alcohol?


Kai Soong Ng was born in 1997, in Malaysia. He came to Taiwan in 2017 and attended NTUA (Taiwan University of Art). He is currently a junior, majoring Multimedia and Animation Arts. He prefers making Shōnen manga, which is a japanese comic genre that aimed at young men aged between 18~30. Mostly, he works on his own and he focuses on social problems and ironic topic. Realism is his style.


Oro Rojo (Red Gold) is a short animated documentary film. The film is based on the protest of Moroccan women who pick strawberries in Huelva, providing a polyphonic account that appeals to the structural dimension of the conflict. The story is built around three women’s voices: Laura, Maryam and Fátima. Each one, from her own point of view, talks about migration policies, the fight against north-to-south global extractivism, racial capitalism and local alliances, thereby helping us to reflect on the conflict’s complexity and representation.


Carme is a filmmaker who specialises in documentary creation with a feminist perspective and the hybridisation of documentary and animation. In recent years she has co-directed the animated documentary short films Blessy (2018), made by four women survivors of trafficking in collaboration with three filmmakers, and Organizing the (im)possible (2017), made with Las Kellys Barcelona, the Spanish association of hotel chambermaids, and winner of numerous awards like Best Short in the London Feminist Film Festival and Biznaga de Plata – Affirming the Rights of Women, at the Malaga Film Festival.


A WW2 story focusing on hair, not heroes. Five siblings and their hair parlour offer women of the small Norwegian town Narvik a sense of normality in the midst of madness and despair. We follow 17-year-old Anna as her life is put on hold – just when it is about to start. A short film written and directed by Hanne Berkaak, based on true events.


Hanne Berkaak is an acclaimed illustrator and director based in Oslo, Norway. Berkaak holds a MA in Communication Art & Design from Royal College of Art, London, and a BA in animation from Parson’s School of Design, New York. Thanks to her Sami family background and a vagabond childhood, Berkaak developed a talent for telling stories from unexpected perspectives. With a burlesque playfulness, she focuses on ordinary people and their inner demons.


Mimí and Pacho –a singer and a tango painter- are two puppets that live inside a set of a little animation studio. They are going through financial hardships and they ask the animator for help to sell Pacho’s paintings. He sends a couple of tourists who have an art gallery in New York to visit them and Mimi entertains them with a tango show, but Pacho’s figurative art doesn’t interest them at all. Everything ends in disaster, although finally the painter’s palette will have an unexpected success.


Specialized in stop-motion techniques for more than 40 years, Rodolfo Pastor created advertising films, animated TV pieces and series. His production company Estudio Rodolfo Pastor produced in Spain the internationally awarded “CAPELITO” series, among other. He also directed de stop-motion shorts “NICO & TINA”, “A POOR GOD” and in 2021 “PINTANGO”. Rodolfo has also been teaching animation in his own studio and at different centres in Spain, Argentina, Portugal and Paraguay. He was a member of the Jury at several international festivals like Annecy, Anifilm or Anima.


La casa de la memoria is the story of an old man who lives in the solitude of his immense film library. A place that seems infinite and eternal in which each shelf contains an invaluable treasure, his memories. However, with the passage of time everything begins to deteriorate and fade, causing him anguish and terror knowing that he cannot reverse it despite trying.


Director Sofía Rosales Arreola was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico where she attended film school at the University of Guadalajara. After working as a crew member on several shorts in college, she became a self-taught animator. House of Memory is her directorial debut and graduation short film where she mixes stop motion and 2D animation techniques.



The biggest threat to whales and dolphins across the world is accidental capture in fishing lines. It is estimated that thousands of them are killed this way each year while many others get injured. This documentary is an important wake-up call to look more seriously at the harmful consequences of the fishing industry both in Costa Rica and globally. Carlos, Laura and Yulian work in marine conservation on the Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, where large numbers of Humpback Whales migrate to reproduce and give birth twice a year. These unconditional ocean lovers had no idea that their first encounter with the animal would come at an event that would turn their lives upside down…


The concept behind this documentary came from the collaborative effort of divers, conservationists and former fisherman to help one of the largest species on this planet. In July 2019, the group endeavoured to save two Humpback whales in the South Pacific Ocean of Costa Rica. We, at Innoceana, a non-profit organisation working in marine conservation, believe in the importance in broadcasting shocking events like this; that occur regularly across the world. Thankfully, Innoceana met The Vegan Pirates, Uta Sax and Hannes Klein, with their skills in filmmaking and compassion for the project. This documentary is born from a strong will for change, bringing a team of Ocean lovers together, to spread awareness about these global events.



Fadia, Wais and Emram are fleeing the hell of one of the worst humanitarian crises of the 21st century: the armed conflict in Afghanistan. They’ve spent all their families? savings and risked their lives to get to Europe. The journey transforms them: they will never be the same.


Natxo Leuza has been working as a film director, screenwriter, editor and post-production director for 15 years. He has accumulated a long career in the world of documentary film, having been selected in more than 70 international festivals and more than 25 awards, becoming a candidate for the Goya 2019 for Best Documentary Short Film with “Born In Gambia” (2018). “El Drogas” (2020) is his first feature film and has been premiered in the Zinemira section of the San Sebastian International Film Festival.


Mother and twin sons are socially rejected because of being twins. In the Mananjary region of Madagascar, there is a popular belief that twins are carriers of misfortunes.


Samuel Pastor, born in Alicante in 1986. He studied audiovisual production and shows in 2004. He has been a photographer and creator of audiovisual pieces since then. He seeks to capture realities in the most natural way possible.


Discover the story of the disappearance and return of the Polish Icarus, Mirek Lech. A tale of a great mind, a burning obsession, raging elements, the struggle with schizophrenia, and the difficulties of being accepted by the family and the society. A true story of a man living in isolation, who embarks on an incredible journey around the world, in search of love and the sun.


Raised in the countryside. His art combines the experience of working in the fields with scientific knowledge and technologies. He worked on building a cyborg and cooperated with teams developing space technologies (AGH Space Systems, KRAKSAT). He loves cows and sheep. Director, audiovisual artist, graduate of the Faculty of Graphic Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and lecturer at the Faculty of Humanities at the Krakow AGH University. He specializes in animations, photography and film. Awarded at numerous international competitions (including Sony, Adobe, Smithsonian, Nikon).


Under the dictatorship of Ben Ali, a man is kidnapped, tortured and killed, then vanishes without ever being found. Thirty years later, he comes back to talk to us. Taking over the question of his mother: “Where did you abandon my son’s body?”


Theater and film director, Lotfi Achour has directed more than 25 theatrical creations, including Macbeth created for the World Shakespeare Festival for the London Olympics and produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company. In cinema, he has directed 3 short films selected at more than 200 festivals and which have won more than 80 awards around the world, including La Laine sur le dos, selected in Official Competition at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. He directed Tomorrow From Dawn , a feature film selected in official competition at the 2016 JCC, in New York, Beirut, Cinemed, Durban, Lausanne, Geneva, Paris… and which won ten awards.

QUAND LES HIRONDELLES S’ EN VONT – When the swallows fly away (BELGIUM)

In a small rural village, a young boy befriends Fernand and Andrée, a farmer couple who, at 80 years old, find themselves at trouble feeding their remaining livestock.


Sébastien Pins, born on 30th March 1990, is a child from a village in the Belgian Condroz, well-known in his region. It’s in his hometown Marchin that he discovers photography for the first time, winning as an 8-year-old his first awards in different photography contests. After his high school graduation, his professional choice brings him to Louvain-la-Neuve, in the pursuit of cinematographic studies at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion. Right at the start of his studies, he understands that the power of the sound and the images of his films can move his audience to become actors of preservation of nature and biodiversity. During his studies, in 2012, Pins directs the short film “My forest”, which is selected in over a hundred festivals around the globe, and gets awarded dozens of prizes, including by the UN in Istanbul at the “Forum on Forest”.


God is love. His homeland is the Earth. His genre? Human. In Maldita, a love song to Sarajevo, Bozo Vreco, the most revolutionary artist of the Balcans sings to life, to overcoming obstacles, and the love story of two cities, Sarajevo and Barcelona. They both knew how to find themselves in difficult times to never day goodbye.


Pamplona, ​​1982. After studying at Ikastola Hegoalde and IES Biurdana, she graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Navarra. After working in the production of TV programs and series for numerous companies, she joined Kanaki Films in 2009 to lead the executive production of One More Day Alive, an animated and live-action feature film. She produced and co-wrote the documentary Minerita, winner of the Goya for best documentary short film in 2014. Likewise, the first short film co-written and produced by Amaia, Virgen Negra, was nominated for a Goya in 2012.


Pamplona, ​​1974. His feature film One More Day Alive, premiered in the Official Selection at Cannes, received the European Film Award for Best European Animated Feature Film 2018, and Goya and Platinum Awards 2019 in the same category, in addition to the Audience Award at SIFF 2018. He has made twenty short films, many of them for Salesian Missions. Highlights of her career include Minerita, Goya for Best Documentary Short Film 2014 and semifinalist for the 2016 Oscars, The Gold Rush, Black Virgin and Hell, the latter nominated for a Goya.


Ryuki was born into a rich family, but two years ago he lost everything. Like a lot of people with nowhere to go, he ends up in Tokyo’s infamous red-light quarter. He starts working in a cutthroat Host Club where women, mostly prostitutes, come to look for a new boyfriend. He quickly becomes the Number One Host, but he hopes that the secret that already made him lose everything doesn’t ruin this.


Fernando Souza studied film and has a MA in screenwriting. He worked for Magnolia TV developing, writing, and selling some of Spain’s biggest shows: Survivor, Supernanny, The Secret Millionaire, Jersey Shore… However, one day he decided he wasn’t cut out to sit in an office and quit his job to hitchhike around the world. He only made it to Taiwan, but he did manage to get his jaw broken in Russia and hitch a ride on several cargo boats. He’s has made films for local fashion brands, communication agencies, GoPro, cargo boat companies and been published in VICE. The Floating World is his first documentary.


Pablo Curto is an award-winning photographer and film director. He used to work as an industrial engineer but he quit in 2013 to pursue a career in storytelling. Since then, he has worked internationally for select clients such as Loewe, Zara, Hugo Boss, GQ or Vogue. His films have been shown at the MAXXI Museum in Rome and the New York and Milano Fashion Film Festivals amongst others. Having worked mainly in the fields of fashion and music videos, this is his first step into the documentary world. He is extremely excited to pursue his passion for stories even further.



Carmen is 50 years old and wants to take a life that has always turned her back. But, a message on her cell phone prevents it. Her father, with whom she has not spoken for a long time, asks her to visit him due to an urgent matter. Carmen, with nothing to lose, goes and the reunion will cause an avalanche of dramatic events that will change everything.


Iván Sáinz-Pardo (Madrid, 1972) has a degree in film and television directing from the prestigious Munich Film School (HFF MÜNCHEN) and is one of the most awarded Spanish short filmmakers in history. With more than 500 awards at film festivals around the world, he has managed to capture the attention and international recognition of the public and critics. It has a pre-nomination for an Oscar, a nomination for the Goya awards, a nomination for the Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis and the award for best European short film at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival. He has directed the second unit in the Mediapro Studios “THE HEAD” Series and is currently preparing his first feature film in Germany where he works as a director and screenwriter in film and advertising.


Aziz is a Senegalese migrant living in a crowded apartment in Barcelona. He normally sells cheap clothing on the street, but for one day, he will become King. Aziz is hired by a shopping mall to play ‘Balthazar’ at a Three Kings Day event. He dresses in luxurious robes and a crown to grant wishes to local kids. One boy in particular captures his attention. Tomás is a shy six-year old with questions for Balthazar. But Tomas’ fascination with Balthazar infuriates his father Carlos, who belittles Aziz and jeopordises his employment. Aziz returns home to Raval with his pay packet; now he can finally afford to call his young daughter in Senegal and tell her about life in Barcelona when you get to be a King.


Brietta Hague is a filmmaker and foreign affairs journalist based in Spain. Brietta has directed and produced television documentaries and has reported on Europe, the Caribbean, Central America, the US, Antarctica and West Africa. Her documentary on climate change in Antarctica was nominated for a United Nations media award in 2015.


Olga and her close friend Dolores spend an afternoon at the municipal swimming pool rambling about gender differences and social impositions associated with women. These differences and injustices lead Olga to the conclusion that the privileges they supposedly once had as a “normative person” have completely disappeared and she is preparing to regain them. How? She doesn’t even know it herself.


Multidisciplinary artist, filmmaker, cultural manager and activist for Q+ rights. She was a pioneer in the cultural field by co-founding LA GALERÍA LA JUAN, the first Spanish gallery specialized in live and performative art. She combines her cultural facet with Fashion, as one more expression of her identity and cultural involvement in our society. Her inclusive discourse as her queer identity has made her a visible reference in different media, and in that artistic work against the norm. She filmed her first movie with PRIVILEGED, the 5th episode of PATRIARCHADO, third season of the series UNDETECTABLE.


Carmen and Consuela were a couple many years ago, when Franco was still in power. 40 years later they meet again in a cafeteria in Madrid. There they will remember the last night they saw each other with a certain joy and sadness, because that night was a night marked by love and terror of the abuse of power by two Francoist soldiers.


(Buenos Aires, Argentina, 06/26/1987) is an editor, screenwriter and film director. He worked in graphic advertising for eight years in Argentina before moving to Madrid to train as a film director. He studied photojournalism at the International Center for Photography and Film (EFTI), where he presented his final photographic thesis on the Israeli-Palestinian situation. In 2019 he completed a master’s degree in film editing at the LENS Institute of Visual Arts, in Madrid. It was in this master’s degree that he met the editor and producer Juan Ignacio Malcolm, with whose collaboration he created Bastión Films.
In 2020, he finished his first documentary short film, <El último bastión>, which gave him the opportunity to show his work at festivals such as the Alcances documentary film festival, the Evolution! festival, in Mallorca, and the Not Film Fest, in Italy. , where he won the audience award.
That same year he took the 2nd and 3rd directing courses at the Madrid Film Institute, where he produced, with its support, his first fiction short film, <Shot>. This work was awarded at the Salerno Festival, Italy, and participated in renowned festivals such as the PÖFF, in Estonia, and the Pávez Awards, in Spain.
<39> is his second fiction short film and he is currently in pre-production on <Liberté>, his third fiction short film, based on real events.


Several people at a given moment find themselves in a situation in which they say nonsense, being able to verbalize only a disjointed phrase. Society, faced with ignorance, isolates them to proceed with their study.


He was born in Madrid in 1974. He is a director, screenwriter and airline pilot. He has six short films to his credit, which have accumulated various selections at festivals and awards such as the Creation International Film Festival in Los Angeles. He has worked on many other short films, such as a documentary in the direction team. Currently, he is in charge of a project for a short film “Made in Italy” commissioned by the city council of Varenna (Milan) to emphasize the importance of craftsmanship in Italian fashion. He, in turn, is working on the script and development of the feature film 365 for next year. Short films: La Promesa, A la Tercera, If, Overbooking, Valeria.


Miguel is a common prisoner serving time in the prison of Carabanchel (Madrid) in 1975. In his search for freedom and running away from the alienation of the prison environment, he will end up encouraging the first action that took place in Spanish prisons to call for the mobilization of common prisoners.


1983, Elda. Multidisciplinary filmmaker, producer and director of several titles: “La cipher black” (documentary, 84’) best film San Sebastián Film and Human Rights Festival 2018, broadcast on TV3 and ETB, and vod on FILMIN; “The doctrine of the killer balls” (animation, 4′) awarded at the CcAlm 2020 Free Culture Festival, Colombia 2020 Film Festival for Human Rights, Festival Hacelo Corto Buenos Aires 2019 and Premis Arkam 2021. He is currently developing “Anhedonia” ( documentary, 60′), and producing “Sanitarias” (documentary, 60′) and “Pocos, buenos yseguros” (fiction, 21′).


1981, Barcelona. Actor in more than 20 series, including his latest roles in Narcos Mexico Netflix, Amar es para siempre A3, El Caso TVE, and in several films such as Amigos, Fuga de Cerebros, Fuga de Cerebros 2, Yo soy la Juani de Bigas Luna and the recently released Illegal Woman by Ramon Térmens. As of 2014, he began his career as a theater director in Las Mejor Ocasiones, Mata a tu pupil, Siamesas and Oscuridad, obtaining with all of them a resounding critical and box office success, and La vida pornográfica premiered at the Flyhard Hall in Barcelona last year. April 1st. With this new project, in addition to playing Paco, the Head of Services, he achieves one of his goals by working behind the scenes.



Amparo de Dios lives in an old abandoned haberdashery in Madrid with the only company of Carmela, a plastic bag she considers her daughter. Nancy, a director of an environmental NGO, reproaches her for continuing to use it since it is now illegal to do so. Amparo, seeing the existence of her ‘daughter’ in danger, threatens to kill the environmentalist. Romualdo, a policeman, visits Amparo with the intention of finding out what happened to Nancy, whose body was found beaten in a nearby park. But the man has serious difficulties to do his job, as he suffers from three rare diseases; Tourette’s Syndrome, Cataplexy and Narcolepsy.


As an animated film director he won a Goya Award for ‘El Cid, The Legend’ (2004), as Creative Producer with ‘Nocturna, una aventura mágica’ (2008) and was nominated for ‘Donkey Xote’ (2007), his second feature film as director.
In 2013 he made the leap to fiction, acting as Executive Producer in the feature films ‘Viaje a Surtsey’ (2012) by Javier Asenjo and Miguel Ángel Pérez, ‘Voyeur’ (2013) by Marc Recuenco. He wrote and directed the feature film ‘Nick’ (2014), which won 12 international awards, and his fourth feature film as director is ’73 Minutes’ (2017). Simultaneously he is Executive Producer on Hugo Stuven’s ‘Solo’ (2018) (Netflix Original), and Producer on ‘Caribe, todo incluido’ (2019), by Miguel García de la Calera, the feature documentary ‘Mister Hand Solo’ (2020), directorial debut of Héctor Romance and ’42 Seconds’ (2021), fiction feature film directed by Dani de la Orden Y Alex Murrull.
He is currently Associate Producer on Santi Trullenque’s feature film ‘The burning cold’ (2021), and is preparing what will be his fifth feature film as director and screenwriter ‘Unusual Cowboys’, whose script has been a finalist (Top 5) in the drama category of Final Draft’s prestigious Big Break 2020 festival.
As an animated film director he won a Goya Award for ‘El Cid, The Legend’ (2004), as Creative Producer with ‘Nocturna, una aventura mágica’ (2008) and was nominated for ‘Donkey Xote’ (2007), his second feature film as director.
In 2013 he made the leap to fiction, acting as Executive Producer in the feature films ‘Viaje a Surtsey’ (2012) by Javier Asenjo and Miguel Ángel Pérez, ‘Voyeur’ (2013) by Marc Recuenco. He wrote and directed the feature film ‘Nick’ (2014), which won 12 international awards, and his fourth feature film as director is ’73 Minutes’ (2017). Simultaneously he is Executive Producer on Hugo Stuven’s ‘Solo’ (2018) (Netflix Original), and Producer on ‘Caribe, todo incluido’ (2019), by Miguel García de la Calera, the feature documentary ‘Mister Hand Solo’ (2020), directorial debut of Héctor Romance and ’42 Seconds’ (2021), fiction feature film directed by Dani de la Orden Y Alex Murrull.
He is currently Associate Producer on Santi Trullenque’s feature film ‘The burning cold’ (2021), and is preparing what will be his fifth feature film as director and screenwriter ‘Unusual Cowboys’, whose script has been a finalist (Top 5) in the drama category of Final Draft’s prestigious Big Break 2020 festival.


4 teenagers of different sexual orientation tell their experience at a party where they met a boy named Tarek. The four testimonies reveal a very deep connection between the characters, which despite their differences have happened similar situations.
“Tarek” talks about how people belonging to the LGTBI collective suffer discrimination and rejection due to their sexual condition.


Canarian filmmaker, art director and illustrator. From a very young age he developed a great interest in film and television and in everything that made possible the great works he saw. Later he discovered comics and video games, which ended up boosting his creative spirit even more. He has dedicated a large part of his professional career to the world of cinema, where he began shooting small shorts. After taking his first steps as an illustrator, he worked on the publication of the comic book Tarugo in 2005 together with Ediciones Alternativa. This series ended in 2011 and, after it, he assumed the direction of the Tiempo Sur Audiovisual Creation Festival, on the island of La Palma. In 2014 he launched, together with Cándido Pérez de Armas, the mystery film experiment Minaä, where he brought together a large number of professionals and filmmakers. In addition, he is also part of the Stormtroopers SC collective, where he is in charge of the costumes.


Jessica is a happy 7 year-old girl who dreams of dancing, but not having a dress for the upcoming Christmas festival puts her in the crosshairs of ridicule and rejection by her classmates. The day of the long-awaited festival arrives, will Jessica get her dress?


Tania Gongar is a new director and actress. Her interest focuses on social cinema. As a result, she has developed Al Margen, Carta Blanca and Resiliente, a trilogy of independent short films that focus on the lack of empathy for the most vulnerable families, within a society in which prejudice and labels predominate. With these works it is intended to strip the human being of artifices to change them for empathy, from a constructive and positive angle.


Lía is 10 years old. She is going to lose her vision. She wears it naturally, because she is a girl. But her father is invaded by fear and she only thinks about what she will lose; he wants to prepare her for when she enters that dark tunnel. A tunnel that will take them both to an unknown world. A story inspired by real events.


Nacho has worked at all educational levels, from Primary and Secondary Education to the university, where he is currently Director of Innovation in the Faculty of Education and Psychology of the Francisco de Vitoria University. Expert in Creativity from the Autonomous University of Madrid, trainer in Creativity in the Responsible Education program of the Botín Foundation, has dedicated a good part of his professional career to the search for more imaginative and creative educational solutions, focused on values and the education of interiority, using Physical Education, games , humor and art as some of the key tools. He has written and directed several short films with an educational and social purpose, which have received international awards, such as 4’9, Sin mapa and Cosas que tellte before a tunnel, with which he seeks to raise awareness and reach a wide audience. The awakening of the angel is the second book of his.


Have you ever noticed that tingling sensation in your leg so you can barely move it? It’s probably just numb…or not.
Mia wakes up one morning with a strange sensation in her leg that causes her to limp. What seems like a small medical problem changes when a woman on the street approaches Mia and warns her that something else is going on with that leg. From then on, paranoia and obsession take a hold of Mia in a horrific whirlwind that is over before you can catch your breath.


Graduates in Advertising and Public Relations. Founders of El Ruso de Rocky. Winners of multiple awards with their first short, El Cuento, for which Sam Raimi has bought the rights.


Victor and Nacho are lifetime friends and mafiosos. They’ve been tortured and chained to a cement block. While Nacho struggles desperately to break free, Victor tries to figure out why their boss has betrayed them. They reflect on their lives and their past, but then Nacho makes a confession that will change their lives forever.


Oriol Villar is one of the most important creative directors on the current scene, he has also shot numerous highly successful advertising campaigns for clients such as Pikolin, Casa Tarradellas or Damm. “Cement and Steel” is his first foray into fiction.


Carlos sleeps in the funeral home until he is awakened because his grandmother has disappeared from the coffin.


Hugo de la Riva (Alcázar de San Juan, Ciudad Real, Spain, 07/03/1983). From a very young age he finds in the cinema the perfect set of tools with which to tell stories. After many drawings, paintings, sculptures and comics, he travels to Madrid, where he completes his training as a professional in lighting, image capture and treatment. He learns cinema in a self-taught way, watching movies, reading books and shooting short films of his own production. “The Abductee” (2008) and “Blondi, Hitler’s dog” (2012) are his first major projects, with which he learns to function in complex and ambitious filming. It is followed by «Champion» (2015), «Tarde de pesca» (2017), «Sancho» (2019) and «Mira» (2021), with which he obtains numerous awards and selections all over the world and places him as one of the filmmakers from La Mancha with more projection. “Tomorrow I’ll be back” is his seventh short film as director.


Tula is the cleaning lady at a private school for girls. During her workday, she meets the headteacher’s fourteen-yearold daughter in the toilet. The girl is going to tell Tula her secret. Tula will have to decide whether to help her or not.


Graduated in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Navarra and graduated in the Master’s Degree in Film and TV Screenplay from the Carlos III University of Madrid. She is the author of the books ‘Mármol’ (Arte Activo, 2017, Nimbo Ediciones, 2021) and ‘Barro’ (Editorial Amarante, 2018). She is a screenwriter and director as well as a playwright and director of the play ‘El Beso’ produced by Mutis for the Forum. She has participated in the films ‘Akelarre’ (2020) and ‘Baby’ (2020) as meritorious and assistant director. In 2020 he received a subsidy from the Provincial Council of Álava for script writing for his first feature film ‘La Dama del Bosque’ and in 2021 the Vitoria City Council subsidy for script writing for his film ”Todos los colores a la vez ”.


Emilia and her granddaughter Silvia have a very special bond. Their relationship will be cut short with the appearance of the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s.


Graduated in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Navarra and graduated in the Master’s Degree in Film and TV Screenplay from the Carlos III University of Madrid. She is the author of the books ‘Mármol’ (Arte Activo, 2017, Nimbo Ediciones, 2021) and ‘Barro’ (Editorial Amarante, 2018). She is a screenwriter and director as well as a playwright and director of the play ‘El Beso’ produced by Mutis for the Forum. She has participated in the films ‘Akelarre’ (2020) and ‘Baby’ (2020) as meritorious and assistant director. In 2020 he received a subsidy from the Provincial Council of Álava for scriptwriting for his first feature film ‘La Dama del Bosque’ and in 2021 the subsidy from the Vitoria City Council for writing and scriptwriting for his film ‘Todos los colores a la vez’ ”.


Sara and David wait for a visit at home, David’s new bosses come to eat. Sara prepares herself, an insignificant detail makes David angry. He mistreats her, hits and humiliates her, it is not the first time. After the violence, Sara has to face the social act, the facade that both have created to hide reality faces an ordeal.


I studied Fine Arts at the Public University of the Basque Country (2001 to 2006). When I finished my degree, I moved to Madrid. Where I studied two years of film directing at the Instituto del Cine de Madrid. (2006 to 2008). Since then, I have worked in different production companies where I have acquired knowledge in production, directing, scriptwriting. Between 2010 and 2014 I directed 4 short films that featured at festivals.


María, a young singer, has to go to give a small concert like every Saturday night, leaving her daughter in the care of her mother. Apparently it’s just one more night.


He studied cinematography at the Ciudad de la Luz Study Center. He has directed short films recognized with different awards and selections such as “Irreversible”, “Fin”, “Capricho” or “Mesa para 3”, working with well-known artists such as Adriana Ozores, Luis Zahera, Paco Tous, Nacho Guerreros, Cristina Plazas, Veronica Echegui , Luna Fulgencio, Elena Furiase, Eva Isanta, Miguel Diosdado, etc. He currently directs the audiovisual department of Grupoidex.



Elis is a young girl who works in a tea salon with her mother, who forces her to drink an strange juice. While struggling to find her true self, the conflict with her mother detonates, uncovering a terrible truth. A fantasy drama that digs into a parenting situation in an oppressive environment.


Ernesto is a Spaniard residing in Estonia. He has currently finished his Cinema BA studies at the Baltic Film School in Tallinn. He has previously approached audiovisual art studying production design at ECAM, Spain, and film editing in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba.


A clown improvisation show where the audience writes on Little pieces of paper what they want the clowns to do on the stage becomes more and more absurd and violent due to the clown trap until the increasingly demanding audience will do everything to stop the show.


Caracas July 22, 1980.
He graduated in the first class of the School of Social Communication at the Universidad Santa María, Venezuela. In 2005 he debuted in the cinema with his first fiction short film [YBI-173]. Scouring the prizes in Venezuela and in Spain, it wins Best Latin American Short Film in the TVE VERSIÓN ESPAÑOLA contest. Living in Madrid, he recorded another fiction short ENAMÓRATE and won the Jury’s Special Mention at the Brussels International Festival. In 2007 he directed the first of the 2 medium-length films that make up the feature film “BLOQUES” produced by Villa del Cine selected at the SAO PAOLO FILM FESTIVAL. In 2008 he won the reality TV contest on TNT Proyecto 48 and filmed the short film “QUEDATE” broadcast throughout Latin America. In 2013 he writes with his brother the highest grossing film in the history of Venezuelan cinema, PAPITA MANÍ TOSTÓN. In 2015 he premiered his debut PAQUETE # 3, acclaimed by Venezuelan critics. He worked in the creative department of NBC TELEMUNDO until Sony Pictures hired him in 2019 to direct his first series, the romantic comedy MANUAL PARA GALANES. In 2020 he directs the 100-episode romantic comedy series LA SUERTE DE LOLI for NBC TELEMUNDO. Currently in 2021 he returns to Telemundo directing LA MUJER DE MI VIDA and writing his third feature film “LA GRAN PREMIERE” while post-producing his second feature film VUELVE A LA VIDA.


In the square and tidy universe of an unconventional family, Mother is the guardian of order and Junior the distorting agent. A house where everything that doesn’t fit, goes to waste


Daniel Rodríguez Risco is a Peruvian director, writer and producer. His first short film, El Colchón, received a Special Mention at the IFF in Cartagena and the award for Best Short Film at Conacine (Peru). His next short film, Triunfador (The Winner), was selected at the Festival du Court Métrages de Clermont-Ferrand and distributed internationally by Canal-Plus. He received a scholarship to study for an MFA in Film at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Later he directed Páramo (Moro), based on a story by the Italian author Alberto Moravia. His fourth short film, El Diente de Oro, won the Jury Prize at the Montreal World Film Festival, chaired by Theo Angelopolous. Necks Almidonados, his new short film, was shot during the pandemic, and begins his festival route.


In the middle of the Mexican revolution, Santiago has orders to assassinate an enemy soldier along with his entire family. Hermilda, a 12-year-old girl flees with her younger brother from the massacre that struck their home. Santiago pursues the infants who escaped his attack, while Hermilda crosses the Mexican mountains seeking to survive her attackers. A story of violence and persecution that takes us through two stories linked by the violent narrative of a country in which time seems to stay still.


Originally from Tijuana, with studies in Mexico, Canada and Cuba, a lover of telling stories, he has worked as a director on the short films ‘A-mors’, ‘Camino a Delicias’ and ‘Consuelo’, and as a producer on ‘Car’, ‘ Trigger’ and ‘Puertas’ as well as in the television pilot ’27’. He dreams of continuing to make movies, specifically his first feature film.


Issa meets Alma while replacing his best friend, Elie, in his weed delivery. Issa immediately falls in love with Alma. He thus starts to hide his real identity, disguising himself into a drug dealer in order to see Alma again..


Tania Gotesman is a French director, screenwriter and producer. After graduating from Sciences Po Paris in 2015, she directed Kings County, a short documentary about Brooklyn Bedstuy’s young rappers. Tania worked in production at StudioCanal for 6 years. In 2020, she wrote and directed Autotune, a short film selected in festivals such as the Brussels Film Festival 2021, Off Courts 2021 and Tous Courts 2021. She recently joined Chi-Fou-Mi Productions and is now working on a 6×26’ TV Series as script doctor as well as on her first feature as director.



The Pitch is a satirical short film that spoofs the advertising industry by imagining a potential collaboration between chicken nuggets and bluetooth speakers. Starring Lourdes Hernández, it follows a call between an agency creative and director trying to one up each other on the most important product of the year…vegan chicken nuggets. Ridiculous, absurd, yet only too real, The Pitch is a commentary on the agony of the creative process until it all becomes a mess.


Eno Freedman is a commercial and music video director, designer, and classically trained musician. His voice gravitates toward conscious comedy and tasteful satire. Usually painted in intense colors, his film worlds try to make the audience laugh and then also feel comforted. His muses are Pedro Almodóvar, Charlie Kaufman, George Carlin and Matthew Frost. He started out as an in-house Creative Associate at award-winning commercial production company PRETTYBIRD. Prior to PRETTYBIRD, Eno worked with top directors and development teams at Wanda, Anorak, Somesuch and Iconoclast studying the intensity and comedy of the launch process. His directorial work includes campaign films for Samsung, Soulection, Tidal, Ultra Records, L’Imperatrice, Cherokee and Anne et Valentin. His background and passion for sound has given him the opportunity to select music for LVMH, Soho House, Art Basel Miami and Norwood Arts and many music related projects. Originally from New York City and a graduate of NYU Tisch, he currently lives and works in Los Angeles.


All Andrei wants is to leave on a summer camp with his friends, once the school year is over. Meanwhile, his parents are caught up with their divorce.


(Brașov, Romania. 1987) completed a Master’s degree in Film Directing at the UNATC in Bucharest and is finishing a Master’s degree in Film and Television at the Savannah College of Art and Design (USA). She has directed the short films Iulian (2014), Omagiu (2015), Curtea Scolii (2017), and Broken (2017). He is currently working on the post-production of his latest short film, Animal.



Matilde lives in a cramped house on the beach with his grandfather. To make some money, she scours the sand with her metal detector hoping to find something of value. On a cold winter morning, Matilde will discover an object which will change her life forever.


Born in Rome (Italy) in 1987, Daniele Pini is a director and a screenwriter. Immediately after high school, he started working for a British insurance company. Determined to convert his passion for cinema into a career, he quit his job when he received an admission to the Directing class of the Experimental Center of Cinematography in Rome. Alongside his studies he founded the production company Nikada Film, realizing commercials for television and video clips. In 2017 he directed the short film “Rocky”, which received a Rai Cinema Award at the Giffoni Film Festival, and numerous selections at other festivals. In 2020 he debuted in movie theaters with his first feature length documentary “Impressionisti Segreti”. His latest short film “Big” (2021) is a world remiere at Alice nella Città during the Festa del Cinema di Roma.



In the midst of an aerobatic flight, a canonball woman meets a trapeze artist. A haunted love story.


Born in 1995, in Paris (France). 2016 Bachelor of English Studies at the Sorbonne-Nouvelle, in Paris. Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film at ECAL (École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne)



During the famine in Leningrad caused by Nazi siege, the mother of two children has no food left to sustain both. She must make a choice.


Mariya graduated from the London Film School. Previously, she studied Social Psychology at the London School of Economics with a specialization in ethnic conflict and racism. Prior to this, Ella Mariya worked as a business development manager at corporations such as MasterCard and TripAdvisor. In parallel, she has been the founder of several small charity funds to support sick children from low-income families in Eastern Europe. One of her main focuses at the moment is anti-war movies and movies that show war through the eyes of a woman.


A desperate teenager snatches a rich woman’s handbag but in a bizarre twist of fate discovers her life is not as rosy as it seems and that they have more in common than he realizes.


Dan studied photography and graphic design before pursuing his passion for film and a full-time career in film. He directed his first short film FINDERS, KEEPERS while living in the Big Apple and studying at the New York Film Academy. This low-budget Hitchcockian film-noir collected numerous awards and was very well received at international festivals. He has written several feature film specs for the US and UK and has been commissioned to write assignments and adaptations of novels including Uri Gellar’s SHE, Andrea Badenoch’s DRIVEN and Irvine Welsh’s FILTH. His second short ABSOLUTION was shown on the world festival circuit to great acclaim and won several awards, including “Best Male Performance” for his lead role at the Beverly Hills Film Festival. Dan worked with BAFTA-winning producer James-Gay Rees (SENNA, AMY) on his original teen horror film LONG TIME DEAD for Working Title Films, which was released internationally through Universal, starring Lukas Haas, Marsha Thomason and Alex Newman. Her horror spec DO OR DIE was sold to Michael Kuhn’s Qwerty Films and made it onto the prestigious “Brit List”. Dan is developing several film and television projects with various producers and recently transferred his thriller LA SMOKE OUT to Foton Films for Menhaj Huda (KIDULTHOOD) to direct. He is currently preparing the sci-fi psychological thriller I-SELF for his feature film directorial debut.


37-year-old Belma’s self-confidence gets damaged when the doctor -she went for her skin rash problem- tells her that she should get botox. Suddenly, she becomes a woman who is uncomfortable in her skin. She gets botox but things do not go as her expected. She finds herself in a nightmare she never expected.



After completing his B.A. in Naval Architecture at Istanbul Technical University, she started the Master of Film program at Kadir Has University and training in Documentary Photography at Galata Photography Studio. In 2017, she completed her documentary feature film called “Her First” about the challenges faced by women filmmakers in Turkey. She recently completed her first short fiction film, Plastic Dream. She continues her work as a writer and director.


A young professional chef is for a romantic dinner in a private house. The situation is getting weird when he finds that his only task will be to squeeze some lemon on an oysters plate. Even weirder is the fact that his client girlfriend claims to be deadly alergic to that shellfish


Nicolò Sala was born in Carate Brianza on December 18, 1995. After graduating from the Don Carlo Gnocchi Institute in Carate Brianza, he attended the Politecnico di Milano and graduated in 2018 in Architecture Design. He subsequently enrolled at the Luchino Visconti Civic Film School, where he graduated in 2021 in Film Directing. Ostriche is his graduation short film.


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