Antonio Velázquez

Antonio Velázquez was born in Granada, in 1998. Carlos Miranda chose him to play the ‘First Young Boy’ in Diálogo del amargo. He later joined the Centro de Estudios Escénicos of Andalusia, run by José Carlos Plaza. He studied under the supervision of teachers like Fernando Sansegundo, Josefina Molina, Assumpta Serna, Alfonso Ungría, Francisco Ortuño, Marian Bryfdir (singing), Lidia García (voice) or Denise Perdikidis (body language). In 2000, he studied acting in La Barraca school.

In 2001, he entered the Compagnia di teatro Nuovo di Torino as an apprentice in the Le Follie di Mister Punch play, directed by Lindsay Kemp. Between 2002 and 2003, he decided to study in “La Sala” school (Málaga). In 2004, he started to study under Javier Garcimartin’s guidance.

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