Duración: 25’
País: Alemania
Dirección y Guión: Davide Ricigliano

Sinopsis: Anna y Philip tienen su primera cita en un apartamento desconocido. Se están llevando perfectamente. Se ríen, bailan, se lo pasan bien. A medida que pasa el tiempo, se acercan y comienzan a compartir la intimidad a nivel emocional. Parece que están destinados a ser.

Pero Philip descubre que la aventura de Anna con él no es exclusiva. Lo hizo muchas veces con otros hombres. Comienzan a hablar sobre sus perspectivas, cómo satisfacen sus necesidades y sus demandas de asociación. La unidad de Anna y Philip comienza a resquebrajarse. En un vasto debate se dan cuenta de que la brecha es demasiado grande para superarla. Renuncian, se dividen, pero se aceptan mutuamente y por lo que tenían.

Synopsis: Anna and Philip are having their first date in an unfamiliar apartment. They’re getting along perfectly. They laugh, they dance, they have a good time. As time goes by they’re getting closer and start to share intimacy on an emotional level. They seem meant to be.
But Philip discovers that Anna’s adventure with him is not exclusive. She did that many times with other men. They begin to talk about their perspectives, how they meet their needs and their demands on partnership. Anna’s and Philip’s unit starts to crack. In a vast debate they realize that the gap is too big to overcome. They resign, they split, but with mutual acceptance for each other and for what they had.

Director’s biography: Born in 1987 as a child of Italian migrant workers in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. Lives in Hamburg since 2011 where he took up his studies at the department of Media Technology at the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg. He began to stage full-length plays and to direct experimental films. His works revolve around interpersonal and social themes. In 2018 he produced his first improvisational short film ‘Fair Trade’ together with Maximilian Fischer.

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