INTERNACIONALES Lunes 23 Sección Oficial


Monday, April 23 | 21.30 h | Multicines Atlántida

Duration: 14’
Country: France
Direction: Ralph Folio and Hélöise Adam 
Screenplay: Ralph Folio
Production: Xapax Films
Photography: Aurélien Dubois
Music: Rémi Verdel
Sound: Sean Dwyer

Synopsis: A man enters a room. Two people, tied up in chairs with bags on their heads, are facing him. Why? What does he want from them?
One terrible question will be asked : what would be the worst way to die?

Biofilmography of the directors:

 Ralph Folio
Actor for more than 15 years, but also stage director, author and choreographer, Ralph eventually became a filmmaker with “Timere”, his first film as both director and screenwriter.




 Héloïse Adam 
Actress since she was 12, Young Talent Cannes in 2016 and in 2017, Héloïse makes her first steps as a film director with “Timere”.