DOCUMENTALES Jueves 26 Sección Oficial


Thursday, April 26th | 19.00 h | Multicines Atlántida

Duration: 12’
Country: Germany
Direction: Igor Kosenko, Cyprien Clement-Delmas
Production: Fabian Driehorst
Screenplay: Igor Kosenko, Cyprien Clement-Delmas
Photography: Ivan Castineiras
Sound: Simon Bastian
Editing: Martin Reimers

Synopsis: 88-years-old veteran Anatoly has taught his 18-years-old foster-grandson Artiom, everything he knows about being a soldier. But a day before Artiom is due to go to war as a volunteer, Anatoly is no longer sure if he should let him go.

Biofilmography of the director:

Cyprien Clement-Delmas is a photographer and film director. He studied at the ESCAC film school in Barcelona. He lives and works in Paris. He has made several films as director and filmmaker, as well as music videos and documentary films. He has exhibited his photographs at the Kowasa Gallery (Spain) and at Christie’s (Paris). He has taken part in the Audiovisuals without Borders documentary film workshop for prisoners, and has taught photography to young students in the suburbs of Thokoza, in Johannesburg (South Africa).


Igor Kosenko (Ukraine, 1983) graduated from ESCAC in Barcelona and completed his qualification at the American Film Institute. He has worked as photography director in several feature films. He currently lives in Los Angeles.