INTERNACIONALES Lunes 23 Sección Oficial


Monday, April 23 | 21.30 h | Multicines Atlántida

Duration: 25’
Country: United States
Direction and screenplay: Jianna Maarten
Production: Daria Suvorova
Photography: Marcin Banasiak
Music: Bartek Gliniak
Editing: Aashish D’Mello

Synopsis: Delia and Memo are your average teenagers; they’re always on their phones, they draw anime, and they also happen to live in one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods along the Mexican/U.S. border where Dollars rule and girls’ bodies either turn up mysteriously in the river, or they never turn up at all.

Director’s bio-filmography:

Writer, filmmaker and content creator, she graduated in Creative Writing at Columbia University. Her first movie, “Dinner with Ana”, was screened in thirty international festivals. She studied drama at the Sanford Meisner Center and Film Direction at the American Film Institute.