Tuesday, April 24 | 20.15 h | Multicines Atlántida

Duration: 25’
Country: Brazil
Direction: André Siqueira
Screenplay: Lu Gerodetti, André Siqueira
Production: Eduardo Alves
Sound: Equipe Canja
Music: Lucha Libre

Synopsis: A meeting between two strangers and the hidden fantasies that permeate them. She is a woman in an unhappy marriage. He’s the owner of an old book store, a sensitive and poetic man. “Somewhere, tomorrow” shows the relationship of people who barely know each other, but who, inexplicably, feel suddenly attracted to one another. A movie that talks about the choices we make every moment and how they can influence our lives forever!

Director’s bio-filmography:

He was born in São Paulo (Brazil). He studied Psychology, Marketing and Film in the United States.  He became part of the directors’ team at the INK Group, that manage companies like the Film Academy. He has been part of production companies such as ArteLux Productions and Easy Films, and he has worked in miniseries like “Contestado War” and “The Seven Sins”. He’s currently a stage manager at Trunkshot.