INTERNACIONALES Miércoles 25 Sección Oficial


Wednesday, April 25 | 19.00 h | Multicines Atlántida

Duration: 22’
Country: Denmark
Direction and screenplay: Marianna Blicher
Production: Klaus Biskov Pedersen
Music: Bebe Risenfors
Sound: Jes Theede

Synopsis: “Odd Job Man” is the story of an older man who gets fired from his job and is left by his wife. By chance, in his search for new possibilities, he ends up in an unfamiliar environment filled with colourful drag queens and cabaret. It’s a new sparkling world but will he dare seize the opportunity and pursue a dusty dream?

Director’s bio-filmography:

Danish director and scriptwriter Marianne Blicher, currently based in Copenhagen, started her career working as a producer in film and as a stage manager in theatre. Marianne is a graduate from the acclaimed Danish film school Super16 and holds a Master’s degree in communications from RUC. Her short film “Belinda Beautiful” won several prizes worldwide, including a Silver Dragon for Best Fiction film at the Oscar qualifying Krakow Film Festival.