Saturday, April 21st | 17.00 h | Teatro el Salinero

Duration: 9’
Direction and screenplay: Dani Millán
Production: Digital 104  
Music: Karim Habib
Photography: Dani Millán
Sound: Nahuel Barrachia Sotelo

Synopsis: A short documentary film about the relationship between producer Dani Millán and Gambian Muse Keita. Something obvious: the irrevocable gregarious condition of human beings. A feeling: fraternity, which knows no boundaries.

Director’s biography:

Dani Millán (Tenerife, 1992), studied Film Direction at ECIF (2010). He specialised in Cinematography and graduated in 2013. During that time, he worked with different companies travelling and shooting skateboard videos while he also collaborated with his school’s short films. In 2014, he decides to return to the Canaries and spends nearly two months travelling around the islands and documenting the whole experience. Almost a year later, this will become his first film, Maresía, with the independent collective Proyecto Islas Canarias. In 2016, he goes on a trip through Senegal and Gambia where he makes his first documentary short film: “El viaje del libro” (The Book’s Trip).