Saturday, April 21st | 18.15 h | Teatro el Salinero

Duration: 17’
Director and screenplay: Alba González de Molina 
Production: Culture Area of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria

Synopsis: Chela, recently widowed, has just arrived in a city where she doesn’t know anyone, in order to be closer to her daughter. But her daughter doesn’t pay any attention to her. To cope with loneliness, she secretly drinks. One day, she meets her neighbour, Elena, and invites her round for tea. They soon become great friends. What Chela doesn’t realise is that Elena is, in fact, Jaime. 

Director’s biography

Alba González de Molina Soler (1989, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain) graduated  in  Audiovisual  Communication,  at the Complutense  University,  Madrid.  During  her  studies, she directed a few short films like “Juventud sin Futuro” or “Baise moi, por favor.” In 2016, she directed the feature film “Julie”, Best First Film and ‘Silver Biznaga’ for Best Supporting Actress at the Málaga Film Festival.