CANARIOS Sábado 21 Sección Oficial


Saturday, April 21st | 18.15 h | Teatro el Salinero

Duration: 12’
Directors: Students from the Escuela de Cine Infantil y Juvenil Cámara y Acción (children and young people’s film school)
Production: Rosa Escrig
Screenplay: Rosa Escrig, Luis O’Malley
Music: Nacho Martín
Photography: Cris L. Noda
Editing: Oscar Santamaría

Synopsis: Clara is 12 and there’s a radical turning point in her life when she’s diagnosed with a terminal illness. “Morir en el intento” (Die trying), is the first professional project of the Escuela de Cine Infantil y Juvenil Cámara y Acción: the work of 16 teenagers guarded by Óscar Santamaría, Cris L. Noda, Caro Solecker and Nacho Martín.

Director’s biography:

“Cámara y Acción” is the first child and youth film school aimed at the audiovisual training of children and youth outside school hours in the Canary Islands. It opened its doors in July 2011, and since then, more than 1000 students have gone through their classrooms. The objective of our school is not to produce cinema, however, in April 2017, we wanted to give a group of veteran students the chance to face a film project under the tutelage of a group of professionals in the audiovisual sector. And so came “Die trying”, our first, and so far, only cinematographic production.