Short films directed by students from eighteen educational centres in Lanzarote, presented and led by teacher Miren Edurne Vázquez and theatre actor and director Germán Barrios.

Freedom of expression, our relationship with the environment, empathy, the capacity to challenge ourselves…. Movies are a great tool to deal with those issues in class.

Students from eighteen educational centres from Lanzarote gathered in Teatro El Salinero to work on a complete educational film project.

The short films were selected on an age range basis and were worked with in class previously: pre-school (4-8 year olds), primary (8-12 year olds) and young students (Secondary).

Students from pre-schools and primary schools Benito Méndez, Adolfo Topham, Playa Honda, Antonio Zerolo, Titerroy, Capellanía Yágabo, Mercedes Medina, La Destila, El CEO Argana, Arenas Internacional, Hispano Británico and Europeo Daos; secondary schools Zonzamas, César Manrique, San Bartolomé, Arenas Internacional and the Pancho Lasso Art School.