Rules and Conditions


1. All producers and directors who own the rights to the submitted work may participate.

2. All films will be accepted regardless of their original format, but projection formats shall be MOV and MPEG4 only.

3. Only films produced in 2021 shall be accepted, even if they have not yet been exhibited in previous editions of the Festival.

4. The length of the films must be the following:
• National Short Fiction Film: 25 minutes, including credits.
• International Short Fiction Film: 25 minutes, including credits.
• Animation Short Film: 25 minutes, including credits.
• Documentary Short Film: 30 minutes, including credits.
• Canaries Short Section: 25 minutes, including credits.


5. The deadline is February 1st 2022.

6. All participants must pre-register in one of the following available categories:
• National Short Fiction Film (only Spain)
• International Short Fiction Film (all other countries except Spain)
• Animation Short Film (all countries, including Spain)
• Documentary Short Film (all countries, including Spain)
• Canaries Short Section (The Canary Islands only) *

* In this section you can register any short fiction, animation or documentary that meets any of the following requirements:
Has been directed or produced by a person born in the Canary Islands.
Has been shot, at least 50%, in the Canary Islands.
Has been produced by a person or production company whose head office is in the Canary Islands.

For short fiction films, the category shall be determined taking into account the country where the short movie was produced. In the case of co-productions, this shall depend on the percentage of the production.

7. Pre-registration will be only performed online. The participant must complete all the required information and submit the short film through one of the following platforms exclusively:





8. No other submission format shall be accepted (including VIMEO, YOUTUBE, ftp, WETRANSFER, or others).

9. The copy shall be final copy of the film. If selected, new versions of the film presented will not be accepted.

10. Payment of the established fee for the visioning platforms shall be responsibility of the entrant, and this does not guarantee participation in the official section of the Festival.

11. All entrants shall submit the film in their original language and must include and English or Spanish subtitles when the film is in original version other than Spanish.

12. It is not necessary to submit any other documents until the short film has been selected for the Festival. The selection will be communicated via email.


13. Among all films received within the registration period, a committee assigned by the organisation shall make a previous selection of up to 30 short movies in each one of the categories. Only the selected authors shall be contacted to confirm that their work shall be part of the official programme of the Festival. The decisions made by the selection committee shall be unappealable.

14. On April 18st, the organisation will inform all the entrants the final list of selected short films to participate in the five official competing sections personally and in writing (to the contact email provided in the registration) prior to its public communication. In addition, this list will be published on the official website of the Festival (

15. Once informed of this, all selected participants must send by email to before April 30, 2022, all the required information and materials. In any case, all selected participants must send a link to the short film file in a minimum format (1920×1080), preferably encoded in h264 (.mov, .mp4)


16. In order to determine the winner of each category, the organisation shall assign a team of judges for each category which shall consist of three members involved in the world of cinema and culture.

17. The judges shall be assigned a week prior to the commencement of the Festival and all decisions made shall be unappealable.

18. The judges reserve the right to declare a prize null or void.


19. There will be only one winner per category, although the jury may give one or more special mentions in each one of them.

20. The winning short film of each category, within each section, shall receive a €1,500 prize.

21. All prizes shall be subject to the taxes stipulated by law.


22. The XXI Festival International de Cine de Lanzarote will take place between 23th and 4th June 2022.

23. All movies submitted shall become part of the Festival’s archive.

24. All producers and directors authorize the use of fragments of the selected movies (up to 1 minute), to broadcast the Festival in the media.

25. All producers and directors of the short films registereds shall authorize the use of their work to be exhibited in the different sections of the Festival should the organisation consider it necessary.

26. Submitting all films within the deadline given implies accepting these conditions.

27. Any questions that may arise regarding the conditions stated in this document shall be answered by the Organisation of the Festival.

28. The organisation guarantees that all personal data in the entrants file shall be dealt with according to article 12 of the Organic Law, 13 September 1999, regarding Personal Data Protection (LOPD).

29. The International Film Festival of Lanzarote is collaborating with the Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences of Spain to make the pre-selection of candidates for the Goya Awards in the categories of Best National Short Film and Best Documentary Short Film.

30. The organization reserves the right to modify the dates of the Festival, to cancel or partially or totally suspend the exhibition of the selected works and the activities that take place during the Festival due to force majeure.