José Pedro Carrión

National Theatre Award in 1991, actor, director drama teacher. He has performed in more than fifty plays such as Hamlet, Cyrano and Richard III, directed by William Layton, Fernán-Gómez, Miguel Narros, J.C. Plaza and John Strasberg. He has featured in movies such as 7 días de enero, La Fuga de Segovia, Matar al Nani and Juego de luna and TV series like El Bloque-Coslada Cero, Cuéntame and Isabel.

Alba Cantón

Journalist and audiovisual producer. She works in Casa Museo José Saramago and is the co-founder of the travel publisher ‘Itineraria’.

Roberto Cabrera

Actor from Lanzarote living in Madrid. He trained in Juan Carlos Corazza’s renowned school in the capital, and has combined his Law and Psychology studies with the making of several short films, music videos and TV programmes.