Imanol Uribe

Director born on 28th February 1950 in San Salvador (El Salvador). He started studying at the Journalism Official School in Madrid and graduated as Director at the Filmmakers School in Madrid. In 1975, he founded the production company Zeppo Films, in 1979,  Cobra Films and Aiete Films S.A. afterwards. The main underlying topic used in his movies is the socio-political situation of the Basque Country, which is portrayed in films such as El proceso de Burgos, La fuga de Segovia, La muerte de Mikel and Días contados. He has also covered other topics such as racism in Bwana, witches in La luna negra and history in El rey pasmado. Besides working as a director, he was also a producer in Secretos del corazón. Throughout his long career, he has been awarded several times. Among others, he has been awarded with two Conchas de Oro in San Sebastián for Días Contados and Bwana, he received eight Goya Awards for Días Contados and another eight Goya Awards for El rey pasmado.

Kimberley Tell

Canarian actress and singer (Lanzarote, 1989) with an English and Danish background. She studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, but started working as an actress in 2014 with a role as Grace Kelly in the TV series “Velvet». She’s known for TV series such as Buscando el Norte, 45 Revoluciones, Antena3 and the several times awarded Movistar+ TV series Hierro. In 2019, she released her first single as a singer, and in 2020 her first album called 135.

Christophe Gaziello (Gazz)

Born in France but with Lanzarote as his second home. He’s a comedian, actor and creative publicity maker. He has experience producing videos, short fiction films, comedy and publicity, and he has specialised in social media, and is also a broadcaster for the podcast «Dime Pelis». In addition, he has worked for, and has represented, brands and public entities such as Heineken, Hyundai and the Government of the Canary Islands, among many others, and has also participated in Cuatro and TVE TV programmes.