Official Selection

Official Selection: 85 short films to help understand the world

The Cultural Area of the Cabildo of Lanzarote and Fisme Producciones, sponsors of this film event, have received a total of 2,692 films from 96 countries (360 documentaries, 305 animation films, 453 Spanish short fiction films and 1,574 international short films).


Graphic designer Víctor GM, artist Elena Betancor and technicians of the Cultural Area of the Cabildo, Alejandro Aguilar and Pepe Betancort have been in charge of choosing the short Animation films. “France is still at the head when it comes to narrative quality and animation technique”, said Víctor, member of group Ars Magna. The selection includes “very experimental films” and techniques that are “similar to those used by Pixar”; there is less traditional animation than last year and more digital techniques, and topics that talk about loneliness, the progress of robotics and how technology affects us.

“France is still at the head when it comes to narrative quality and animation technique”

The following people took part in the viewing of the International Short Fiction Films: Pablo Rodríguez, Eva Rosendo, Sergio Martín, Tania González, Eros Dean, Javier Acevedo, Rubén Ramallo, David Hernández, David Giménez (David GP), Jordi Trías, Alberto Santana, Liliana Umpiérrez, Nico Melián, Naomi Cullen, Isabelle Mathieu, Elsa Rodríguez, Víctor Lamadrid, Nuria Guinnot, Kacper Rudolf, Inka García and Alberto Vilar. Trías mentioned that there are more social-related topics this time around: “It’s a reflection of what’s happening in the world”. Several filmmakers have focused on the Syrian conflict. There are some more and some less creative short films, “but what all of them have in common is that their strength lays in the story being told; they have been given a lot of thought and they are well told”.

Airam González, Mariate Die, Juan Carlos Quiterio, José Víctor Medinadelli, Antonio Herrera and Pablo Sierra have been in charge of the National Short Fiction Film category, “Our choice has been varied”, said Airam. This year, comedy seems ahead of drama. Mariate Die highlights the “diverse” topics: “There are more short films about personal relationships and love; many of them have been filmed abroad, especially in the United States”.

“This year comedy seems ahead of drama"

Javier Alonso, Óscar García, Gerson Díaz, Tomás Pérez Esaú, Marcos Méndez and Jesús Hernández have chosen the Short Documentary Films. Refugees, transsexuality and gender conflicts, are some of the topics covered this year. Some of them, are very current.  “I think that the quality of documentary films is outstanding”, said Óscar García. “Some short films have surprised me by telling stories already told before, but using a new approach and a new narrative”. For instance: a German film about the commercialisation of nature and another one about pilot whale hunting on the Faroe Islands. 

The Festival will take place from 20th to 29th April 2017, and all films will be screened in CIC El Almacén, except for the opening movie which will be shown in Jameos del Agua Auditorium, and the closing party that will be held in Teatro El Salinero. The first week will be focused on Spanish cinema and the second one on the Official Selection of short films competing.