FICL 2019

A very EXCITING closing ceremony at the FICL19

Born in Gambia, Milchmänner, Las otras camas, La Tierra Llamando a Ana and Skin, were the winners at the 19th Lanzarote International Film Festival. 

The 19th Lanzarote International Film Festival, got underway with an exciting wind instrument performance by the Metal Orchestra of the Conservatory of Music. 

The ceremony was conducted by comedian from Lanzarote Nacho Peña, a frequent collaborator  of another comedian from Lanzarote, Gazz. We have also seen him in several beer advertising campaigns and in music videos by El Vega.

Ismael Curbelothe director of the Lanzarote International Film Festival, opened the event, introduced by Nacho: “I’ve been director of the Festival for 13 years, and its evolution has been highly significant, We received 3191 short films from 116 countries, and more than 3,000 children, elderly people and audiences at large watch it. Then there’s the magnificent members of the jury, so I must say that I’m very proud.”


Winners of the 19th Edition of the FICL

The first award to be given at this 19th Edition of the FICL was the Audience Award for Best Short Documentary Film to Born in Gambia, by Natxo Leuza. “Thanks to everyone who has watched my movie, to Ismael and everyone working at the festival”, said Natxo. “My film is about the issues experienced by three children who are bound to have a future with no education or rights, because of where they come form”, he said. 

Fran Perea, Marcos Méndez and Antonio Velázquez were in charge of giving this award. Antonio said: “it’s interesting to see how we all agreed on the choice, among ourselves and with the audience too

The audience chose the same Documentary Film, Born in Gambia. Therefore, everyone agreed that Natxo Leuza was the definite winner in this section.

The award for Best Short Animation film went to Milchmänner (Germany), by Bãhnert Aljoscha and Burakowski Michelle. The award was given by Sandra Wahlbeck, Manuel Castillo and Gianluca Gielle. “It has been quite tough to try to choose one, because the quality was so high. You need to take into account the technique used, the sound, the idea.” And Manuel Castillo finished by saying: “It’s been great to get the chance to see them all because the quality is high and I agree with my colleagues when they say that it was a difficult choice.”

The directors couldn’t come to pick up the award but they sent a video thanking the festival.

In this short film, there are three people who buy or sell breast milk. It only lasts three and a half minutes, but in that time, it tells us about a current trend taken to the extreme. 

In animation, the Jury also wished to make a special mention to Partir, by Martin David and Robin Mathieu.


The audience chose Cazatalentos, by José Herrera, for Best Short Animation. A headhunter discovers the most talented secret ever in the history behind a Spanish bailaora. 

The Jury gave the award for Best Short Canarian film to Las otras camas, by Jonay García. Pablo Blanco, Andrés Santana and Fermín Otamendi were in charge of giving this award to the Canarian filmmaker. “Thank you to the Jury and the Festival for supporting a complex and delicate film like this one. I really appreciate the support shown to this group of people”, said the director. A short film that talks about the only thing we all need to feel alive, a little affection.

The Audience Award for Best Canarian Short film went to Vinos de Lanzarote: El Relevo, by David Hernández, Pedro Pérez and Mario Ferrer. This is the second time that David and his production company, Liken Films, are given the audience award for Best Canarian film. This short film talks about the issues regarding the need for younger generations in a unique vineyard spot, like La Geria, with extraordinary images of the landscape and interviews to professionals.

The Jury decided to make two special mentions to the Canarian short films Abrazo, by Shelma Zebensuí, and to Reconocernos, by Marta Fuenar and Raquel Castelló. 


The Jury awarded La Tierra Llamando a Ana, by Fernando Bonelli for Best National Short Fiction Film. “It’s an honour to receive this award. Thanks Ismael for fighting for a festival like this one, this is a great support for the work we do.” 

“This award is for the whole team, a brilliant team”, said Fernando Bonelli. This short film makes us think about the importance of communication. It shows us a couple, who know important things have to get talked about, even when this seems awkward.

The award was given by Eva Llorach, Antonia San Juan and Pedro Ayose. They made a special mention to Background, by Toni Bestard.

The audience chose Happy Friday, for Best Short National Fiction film by José Antonio Campos Aguilera. A short film, not to be missed out, about Chari’s life, the lead character who’s burning the candle at both ends. However, capitalism gives her the chance to let go of what ties her down.



The Audience Award in the Short International Film section was for Skin, by Guy Nativ. In this case the audience also agreed with the Jury. A war between races ends up with a shocking response. The award was given by Maribel Verdú, Daniel Grao and Leandro Betancor. Daniel said: “It’s essential to stand by our industry, and the work done by the festival and the selection committee is highly appreciated.

Maribel also said: “Art is not just entertaining, it should make you think and focus.” Also, Leandro said that “The winner was chosen unanimously. We totally agreed with the audience.” 

The directors of the movie couldn’t attend the ceremony, but just like the animation directors did, they sent a video from Los Angeles to thank us for the award.

The Short International film Peines Perdues, by Benjamin Charbit, was given a special mention by the Jury. Leandro said: “this film could have also been the winner, it deserves it, but we can only pick one.”

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