FICL 2019

FICL19 Closing Ceremony

The 2019 Lanzarote International Film Festival closing ceremony will take place next Saturday 18th May in Teatro El Salinero at 8.30 p.m. 

The event will be hosted by Nacho Peña, a comedian from Lanzarote and regular collaborator of another local comedian, Gazz. Nacho is known for his video platform Vine. Nowadays, he is producing content in other social networks like Instagram. We have seen him in several advertising campaigns for beer, alongside other Canarian comedians, and even in music videos such as El Vega.

The closing ceremony will kick off with a concert by the Brass Orchestra of the Conservatory of Music.

At this year’s edition, the jury includes several cinema professionals. The winner of the International short film section will be selected by Maribel Verdú, Leandro J. Betancor and Daniel Grao. The National short film section will be evaluated by Pedro Ayose, Eva Llorach and Antonia San Juan. And finally, Marcos Méndez, Fran Perea and Antonio Velázquez will be in charge of choosing the short documentary film.


Gianluca Gielle, Sandra Wahlbeck and Manuel Castillo Huber are in charge of the Animated short film section. And, lastly, the Canarian short film will be selected by Fermín Otamendi, Pablo Blanco and Andrés Santana.

After the concert, the jury will announce the 2019 festival winners and will explain the reasons why the short films were awarded.

All winning films will be screened for those who couldn’t watch them during the week in CIC El Almacén. Please enjoy them.

The president of the Festival, Ismael Curbelo, Isaac Castellano, Minister for Culture from the Government of the Canary Islands and Jimena Álvarez, Culture City Counsellor from Arrecife, will also take part.

Award and Sculpture for the short film winners:

Every short film that wins an award will also receive a €1,500 prize, and a sculpture designed by Lanzarote’s artist Ildefonso Aguilar.

Tickets (€5) can be purchased online at Ecoentradas. If they are still available, they will be on sale on Saturday at 7 p.m. in Teatro El Salinero.

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