FICL 2019

Short Film Express Contest Winners

Last weekend, the Short Film Express Contest took place with 13 different teams participating. Their respective projects consisted of up to 4-minute long short films, and in addition, 9 filmmakers took part in the up to 6-second bumper contest. 

All participating teams found out about the corresponding topic for the competition last Thursday. The topic was art and nature, representing César Manrique’s style. From that moment onward, participants had 48 hours to complete their projects. They could work and edit their projects in La Casa de la Juventud in Arrecife, whose doors remained opened until Sunday at 10 a.m., when the deadline to submit the projects was up. 


This edition of the contest introduced a new category, bumpers, which have an advertising film format. Bumpers must be up to 6 seconds long, and at the same time they must tell a story. Every team could submit up to four bumpers, as opposed to the short film contest which was limited to only one per team. 


All these films were screened yesterday, Sunday, at 6 p.m. at the Atlántida cinema. After watching the participants’ work, the awards were given by the jury which included Jubal Hernández, from the Lanzarote Art, Culture and Tourism Centres, actor Iván Massagué, leading role in Gym Tony, and “Burbuja” in El Barco, and Octavio Guerra, Canarian filmmaker with a Goya nomination, a Richard Leacock (Las Palmas Film Festival) prize, and a Best Documentary award at the CEBU International Film Festival (Philippines) and MiradasDoc (Tenerife).



The best short film award went to “Exageración artística” by Jasper Richardson-Moy, in which a mannequin and a skeleton debate about art in a museum while they admire a César Manrique exhibition.

The second prize went to “Lienzo” by Kevin Leal, where a painter shows us how technology takes us from reality and nature.

The prize for under 20 years-olds went to “God, paper, scissors” by Laura Rivero, where a girl plays rock, paper, scissors with God. 

The best jumper award, went to “¿A qué vino?”, by Francisco Javier Pérez, where in 6 seconds there’s a comical advert about Lanzarote’s wine.

Also, a special mention was given by the members of the jury to the short film “Aún sigo aquí” by Iván Umpiérrez.

Congratulations to all winners and thank you for participating!

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