Pablo Blanco

Pablo Blanco was born in Lanzarote. He graduated as Clarinet Professor at the Tenerife Conservatory of Music, and got a Music Bachelor’s Degree at the London Trinity College of Music where he studied with outstanding musicians such as Michael Kirby, Keith Puddy, Nicholas Bucknall and Anthony Jennings. 

Furthermore, he trained with Antony Pay at the renowned Accademia Musicale Chigiana in Siena, Yehuda Gilad, and he has worked at improving his historic clarinet performance with Eric Hoeprich. He’s a permanent member of groups such as the Galanta Clarinet Quartet, the Ensemble Musicae Candelaria and the Trío Joseph Lauber. 

He has collaborated with the Galicia Symphonic Orchestra, the Extremadura Orchestra and the Lanzarote Classical Orchestra. He was given his first award, the Wilfred Hambleton Clarinet Prize, by the Trinity College of Music, and at the María Orán Music Competition (in the Chamber Music category) by Cajacanarias. He’s currently teaching clarinet at the Centro Insular de Enseñanzas Musicales of the Cabildo of Lanzarote (CIEM), and he’s the Academic Director Escuela Insular de Música.

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