FICL 2019


This morning, Friday 10th May at 11:30 the Centro Cívico in Arrecife held the screening of «Mayores sin reparos» (Shameless Elders), a short film programme with topics that show “a special awareness toward the elderly.”
In a space provided this year by the city council, we have organised a short film programme connecting the circumstances and concerns of the elder audiences.

Shameless Elders started with the aim to knock down taboos and face life as it is: an ongoing cycle during which we develop non stop, until the very end.


A simple film screening like this one can make all the difference for an elder’s routine. Activating their brain, waking sensations, encouraging debates with other viewers… Presented and led by Alberto Durán and actress Silvia Romero. People from all the different nursing homes in Lanzarote attend the screenings, especially aimed at that 11% of the population from Lanzarote
over 65 years of age, and who demand, just like everyone else does, cultural activities they can learn from.

Thanks to all of you who have made this activity possible and to everyone who has attended one more year round. THANK YOU!

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