Gianluca Gielle

Gianluca Lagrotta, “gielle,” was born in Potenza (Italy) on 18th May 1974. Up until 2004, he attended Comic, Illustration and 2D Animation classes at the Comix School in Naples. In 1995, he set up CartOOns, a cultural association, and in 2011 RedHouse Lab, Comics School at the  Basilicata. Since 2010, he has focused on Performing Arts and Communications services for his company: 64PIXELmedia. He’s also animator and creative director in Estempore, Creative Agency in Madrid and Barcelona. Since July 2017, he has lived with his family in Lanzarote. His next project will be an animated version of Cesar Manrique’s life, part of the event programme to mark the hundred-year old birth anniversary of the artist.

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