FICL 2019

Discussion panel about the state of the audiovisual industry in the Canary Islands

-Next Friday, 10th of May at 8 p.m., we will screen «En busca del Óscar», a documentary directed by Octavio Guerra at the Centro Insular de Cultura El Almacén. The documentary focuses on Óscar Peyrou, writer, journalist, film critic and president of AEPRECI (Spanish Film Press Association).

-The discussion panel will be held at 9.30 p.m. and will revolve around the following topics:

During this event we will analyse the current state of the audiovisual industry in the Canary Islands, as well as the main appealing factors of the islands, and especially, all the aspects related to tax benefits that allow the islands to be one of the top destinations to hold film and television productions.

We will also get to know the company Canary Islands Film first hand (it includes all the Canary Islands’ Film Commissions), which encourages both the public and private sectors to promote the benefits that the islands offer as a shooting location. We will also get to know the strategy to promote the islands as a destination, as well as information about the aids that the Government of the Canary Islands offers to produce audiovisuals.

There are 3 main reasons to shoot in the Canary Islands:

  1. Tax incentives: 40% of tax deduction for foreign productions and 45-40% of deduction in investments for Spanish productions.
  2. The best climate in the world: the climate in the Canary Islands is unique and special. The summers are pleasant and the winters are very mild, with an average temperature of 23ºC in the summer and 19ºC in the winter.
  3. A thousand locations just a step away: from white-sand pristine beaches to abundant millenary forests, by way of high cliffs, sand dunes by the sea, volcanic landscapes that seem from other worlds or even deep waters with great visibility.

The guests to the discussion panel are:

Natacha Mora from the Government of the Canary Islands (Canary Islands Film):

Economics and Business Administration graduate from La Laguna University, with an MBA in Cultural Management at the Oberta University of Catalonia.

Since 2003, she works as a cultural manager in several public administrations.

In 2013, she was promoted as the lead of the Audiovisual Department of the Government of the Canary Islands. Since 2015, she coordinates the CANARY ISLANDS FILM project, an initiative that gathers different areas of the Government, every island’s Film Commission, The Canary Islands Special Zone Committee, as well as the local industry. The aim is to carry out all the activities needed to develop and strengthen the audiovisual industry in the Canary Islands.


Chedey Reyes

Director and executive producer. He has a degree in business management. He also studied a Multimedia Design and Animation degree at TAI in Madrid and filmmaking at the New York Film Academy. He is a founding member of the companies Jugoplastika and  Machango Studio, as well as member of the management board of Ánima Estudios Canarias. He also became part of the board of The Canary Islands Audiovisual Cluster in January, 2019. Jugoplastika is a film and television production company based in the Canary Islands and Madrid. It is specialised in fiction for TV, both for the production of its own content and for providing softlanding services for those companies that want to shoot in the Canary Islands.

Among their most important projects, the production of TV series Hierro, produced by Portocabo, Movistar+ and Canal Arte, and the TV series Calima, that will start shooting in Gran Canaria in 2020 stand out.



Octavio Guerra

He was born in 1976, in Las Palmas. He graduated in Media Studies at the University of Valencia.

He studied an MBA in Script for Film and Television at the UIMP. He later continued his training with different workshops in the documentary genre with renowned directors such as Abbas Kiarostami and José Luis Guerín. He directed the short documentary film “La máquina de los rusos”, which earned him several awards and a nomination at the Goya Awards in 2015. With the short film “Sacristán” he received other prizes like the Richard Leacock at the Las Palmas International Film Festival. His first non fictional feature film “Agua Bendita” earned him the award for Best Documentary at the CEBU International Film Festival and at MiradasDoc (Tenerife), and it was also selected in festivals like Toulouse and La Habana. In 2018, he premiered his second feature “En busca del Óscar” at the Berlin Critics’ Week during the Berlinale and was selected in BAFICI, Gijón Film Festival and Goteborg.


Juan Cano

CEO and Executive Producer of production company Surfilm, Vice-President of the Spanish Companies in International Audiovisual Production and member of APCP, The association of Spanish advertising producers.

Juan Cano,”Nono” founded the production company Surfilm in 2004, with headquarters in Tenerife, Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon and also offices in Berlin and Frankfurt.

It is considered to be one of the most prestigious production companies in Europe and Spain as it managed to produce with the following American studios: Warner Bros, Universal, Disney – Lucas Films, Paramount, as well as Netflix and BBC.

Among the films produced by Surfilm there is Star WarsSolo”, Wonder Woman 2, Jason Bourne 5, Fast & Furious 6, Allied, In the Heart of the Sea, -both Clash and Wrath of the Titans- and the Netflix TV Series The Witcher and BBC’s Dr. Who.

He was a pioneering producer in the use of the Tax incentive that started in 2015.

As far as advertisement films go, Surfilm is the only Canary Islands-based company member of the APCP, and it has had projects in the United States, Canada, Japan, South Africa, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Costa Rica, Peru, Iceland and almost all of the European countries.  



If you wish to know more about the filming scene in the Canary Islands, we encourage you to come to El Almacén on May 10th at 9.p.m.



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