About shelters and monsters

Three “must” movies that still haven’t premiered in Lanzarote. Regardless of how big your TV is at home, you’ll see the difference.

Cold Skin (La piel fría)

The coast of Tinajo (Lanzarote) turned into a remote island in the Antarctic polar circle where two meteorologists face strange sea creatures. Xavier Gens filmed this movie in Lanzarote, a coproduction featuring Ray Stevenson, David Oakes and Aura Garrido. It was one of the last films the great art director and decorator Gil Parrondo did (winner of two Oscars for Patton and Nicholas and Alexandra). The movie is based on Albert Sánchez Piñol’s shuddering novel. Jesús Olmo is behind the script, writer and scriptwriter of films as extraordinary as “Esposados” and “28 semanas después”, by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. He also wrote the short film “Ruleta”, directed by Roberto Santiago, whom he’s written several books with. After the screening of Cold skin, there will be a debate with him.

Handia (The Giant)

Handia is inspired by the real story of Joaquín Eleizegui, a boy with a case of acromegaly whose height reached 2.30 metres. His incredible physique, was displayed all over Europe. An exquisite setting (from the small village of Altzo in the 19th Century, to the Elizabethan courts), two spectacular performances (by Eneko Sagardoy and Joseba Usabiaga) and ten well-deserved Goya Awards, more than enough reasons to watch it on the big screen. “Exquisite visual taste”. “A universal and timeless story”. Yet again, the cinematographic sensitivity of Jon Garaño, this time with Aitor Arregi.

The Bookshop (La Librería)

A woman alone against the world, a sidereal love for reading. It took Isabel Coixet almost ten years to turn her script into a movie, an adaptation of Penelope Fitzgerald’s novel. “But, why isn’t she younger?”, “Why isn’t there a love story?”, she was asked. As if love for reading wasn’t enough! Coixet has done it again. This time alongside Emily Mortimer, Bill Nighy and the wonderful Patricia Clarkson. The best Spanish film of the year according to the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences in Spain.

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