DOCUMENTALES Jueves 26 Sección Oficial


Thursday, April 26th | 19.00 h | Multicines Atlántida

Duration: 10’
Country: Spain
Direction, screenplay, animation and production: Emilio Martí López
Production director: Anthony Nuckols

Synopsis: Mohamad had to leave home, where he could play and sleep, he had his own bathroom and a dining room where he spent time with his family, in order to escape the Syrian war. In Greece he’s safe, but he has been for almost a year living under some tarpaulin that won’t provide him with any shelter when it’s cold, with no protection from mosquitos or scorpions, or people who abduct undocumented children. This short film came about after an animation workshop at a refugee camp in Tesalónica. A wake-up call for Europe.

Director’s bio-filmography:

Emilio Martí (Valencia, 1978) is an animator and art-therapist. His artistic work is generally radical and experimental; he deals with social issues (migration, sexual diversity, politics) and helps others use animation as an educational means and tool toward change. Other previous films include “Desanimado” and “CIE”.