DOCUMENTALES Martes 24 Sección Oficial


Tuesday, April 24th | 21.30 h | Multicines Atlántida

Duration: 6’
Country: Argentina
Direction and production: Ariel Guerchicoff
Music: Camilo Ángeles

Sinopsis: As a child, Selene refused to go with her father to work. To convince her, he made her think that they were going to travel somewhere else in the world. That was how Selene met the Salineras de Maras. She now shares her knowledge about the ancestral culture of this community who managed to defend their lifestyle and use the resources given to them by the pachamana, in a horizontal and community-focused manner. A story that goes against the rules of a capitalist system.

Director’s bio-filmography:

He graduated in Image and Sound at the University in Buenos Aires. He’s a screenwriter, cameraman, editor and fiction and documentary film director for films such as “Pablo y Ada” (Human Rights Festival and Documentary Film Movement Festival), La oruga (BAFICI) and El laberinto de Cronopia (FECICO).