Wednesday, April 25 | 19.00 h | Multicines Atlántida

Duration: 19’
Country: Belgium
Direction: Maxime Feyers, Séverine de Streyker
Editing: Mathieu Toulemonde
Photography: Guy Maezelle
Sound: Bruno Schweisguth

Synopsis: France meets his son’s girlfriend for the very first time and he freaks out.

Director’s film-biography:

 Maxime Feyers (Belgium, 1980) studied Commercial Engineering but he always wanted to tell stories and bring them to the big screen. After graduating, he started to train as a film director. His first short film, ‘Come What May’ was selected in more than 50 festivals. He has worked at the Brussels Short Film Festival, Be Film Festival and Tokyo Anime Award Festival. He teaches film at the Raindace School and is currently working on his first feature film.

 Séverine de Streyker (Mons, 1975) studied Film at the Cinematography Institute in Brussels (INRACI) and did a Masters in Scriptwriting. Whilst studying painting at the Fine Arts Academy she started working as editor for anarchist director Jan Bucquoy. She has worked with other big Belgium directors such as Marc Vervoort, Manuel Poutte and Michael Alalouf.

She produces her own silent short films in Super8 and is one of the founding members of LABO, a lab where they experiment with audiovisual performances.