María Silveyro

Bookseller, editor and owner of a cultural hub used as a reference point in Madrid: the book shop Ocho y medio. She’s a true human film encyclopaedia. She graduated in Political Sciences at the Universidad Complutense, Madrid, and specialised in Ibero American Studies and International Relations. In 1997, María, alongside her husband Jesús Robles, opened the book shop Ocho y Medio, a must in the world of cinema and culture. Years later, they set up the publishing company Ocho y Medio, and had a large number of publications (scripts, filming diaries, fiction novels, essays…). For five years, she directed the Editions and Publications department of the Fundación Autor (Grupo SGAE). She has given talks at international congresses and universities thanks to her extraordinary publishing cultural management. She’s an associate member of the Film Academy in Spain and the European Film Academy.