Saturday, April 21st | 19.00 h | Teatro el Salinero

Duration: 16’
Director and screenplay: Dailo Barco 
Music: Francisco Delgado Herrera, Esther Ropón and Marco A. Toledo
Sound: Marco A. Toledo

Synopsis: Guetón Rodriguez is one of the leading actors of “El ladrón de los guantes blancos”, 1926 (White Glove Thief), the first film in the history of cinema in the Canary Islands. Playing the role of someone who was falsely accused, arrested for a robbery he did not commit. Years later, during the Civil War, Guetón was arrested for political activism. This time in real life. 

Director’s biography:

Dailo Barco is a sociologist, filmmaker and curator. He has a Master’s degree in Contemporary Film and Audio-visuals from Pompeu Fabra University. He is co-director of “Viudas Blancas, 2012 (White Whidows), a documentary film with great repercussion in the Canary Islands. He is currently finishing his second documentary film, “Las postales de Roberto” (Roberto’s Postcards), about Canarian filmmaker Roberto Rodriguez.