CANARIOS Sábado 21 Sección Oficial


Saturday, April 21st | 17.00 h | Teatro el Salinero

Duration: 4’
Direction: Manuel Reyes Halaby
Screenplay: Manuel Reyes Halaby and Tenesor Cruz Niesvaara
Production: Manuel Reyes Halaby 
Music: Joseph Rowe
Photography: Manuel Reyes Halaby
Sound: Gabriel García Fernández-Valdés

Synopsis: A chef that loves his job and enjoys the delicacies he cooks, is preparing a very different menu for a peculiar group of clients. 

Director’s biography:

Manuel Reyes Halaby (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1981). Despite having studied Telecommunications Engineering, he focused his career on 3D animation. He worked as a 3D Generalist in Hiroku (nominated at the 2014 Goya awards), supervised kids TV shows “Messy goes to Okido” and “Bitz and Bob” (BBC) and also directed several commercials.