CANARIOS Sábado 21 Sección Oficial


Saturday, April 21st | 17.00 h | Teatro el Salinero

Duration: 13’
Director and screenwriter: Daniel León Lacave
Music: Jonay Armas
Photography: Pablo García Gallego
Sound: Daniel Mendoza

Synopsis: It’s dawn in the city. A man and a woman wake up. They chat for a while. He goes to work, she goes out to breakfast. Everything’s normal… or is it? 

Director’s biography:

Daniel León Lacave (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, 1973). From early on he was involved in artistic disciplines such as comics and poetry, for which he received several awards. He began his ventures in the audio-visual world in 2002 with a number of amateur shorts. In 2004, he made the short “Autorretrato” (Self-portrait), which won the San Borondon award for Best Short Film from the Canary Islands at the 2004 edition of the La Palma Festivalito film festival. After a few years working as assistant director, he returned to directing in 2009, with the self-scripted short film “Los Pechos de Paula” (Paula’s Breasts). He joined the light cinema movement in 2010 and has since made one short film after another, with highlights including titles such as “Cerca del Mar” (Close to the Sea) (2010) and “El Último Plano” (The Last Scene) (2012). He entered the world of feature films in 2013 with “Crónicas del Desencanto” (Stories of Disillusion).