Official Section: 100% emotion and diversity

“Variety is the highlight of this festival”, said Juan Carlos del Castillo, one of the 37 members of the selection panel in charge of watching, analysing and discussing the 3,076 short films we have received this year as part of the international short film competition.

Some of them have been left behind, “very good ideas that perhaps weren’t told as well as they deserved to be told”, added Lourdes Navarro.

What is the selection criteria we have used?

1. “All the different cinematographic language-related aspects, must work when making a short film.” An average must be scored for screenplay, direction, performance, photography, music…

2. Authenticity and “a solid storyline”.

We will watch “super productions” like Kike Maíllo’s (science fiction with a futuristic look) and  “No es fácil ser Gorka Otxoa” (a black comedy filmed in a single room).

New selected work, “elegant and technically simple”, and everyday stories told with “great imagination and narrative beauty.”

The 97 short films part of the Official Section “reflect the concerns, ideas and awareness“ of our time.

Why should you come to watch the screenings?

● Because we can have the great chance to watch “genuine” stories that don’t need too much time to be told.

● Because you will have plenty of reasons, questions and feelings.

● Because you will hopefully be touched by them.

The short films part of the Official Section will be screened on Saturday 21st April in Teatro El Salinero (Canarios) and Monday 23rd to Thursday 26th in El Almacén (Documentary films, Animation, National Fiction and International Fiction).

We will very soon tell you how to get your tickets.

This Festival would literally be impossible without the work and passion of the  selection panel: Mariate Die, Pablo Sierra, Juan Carlos del Castillo, Gonzalo Santana, David Hernández, Airam González, David Cejas, Eros Dean, Carlos Méndez, Irene Silvera, Pepa Jordá, Mercedes Perez, Lourdes Rojas, Alastair Cureton, Ginés García, Mariano Etcheverry, Tania González Betancort, Rachid Alla, Kacper Rudolf, Jesús García, Alba Ferri, Alberto Vilar Alejo, Manuel Díaz, Aaron Mayo, Teresa Franco Suarez, Rafael Hernández, Augusto García, Sergio Martín, Jordi Trías, Sandra Dominique, Carlos Trujano, Patricia Álvarez, Antonio Herrera, Liliana Umpiérrez, Víctor Lamadrid, Ignacio Ferreira Vaucher and Alejandro Álamo.

Thank you for your extraordinary work! 😀

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