97 short films to (try) help understand the world

We got it! After five months watching films, analysing and debating, our selection committee has made up their minds. We can now announce the Official Selection of the 18th Lanzarote International Film Festival.

97 short films filmed in 2017 all around the world (from Spain to Ukraine, France, the Lebanon and Argentina).

There are more relevant figures:

  • We have received 3,076 short films from 111 different nationalities. That’s a lot of films and a big responsibility. Thank you. 🙂
  • The International Short Fiction Films have outnumbered the rest yet again. This year: 1,663 films. The countries that submitted the largest number films to the competition were France, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Iran, the United States, Mexico, Russia and the United Kingdom.
  • National Short Fiction Films is the second category with the highest participation rates (582 movies), followed by Short Documentary Films (435), Short Animation Films (340) and the reinstated section of Short Canarian Films (56).
  • Movies will be screened from 19 to 28 April. A chaleidoscope for the senses.
  • The members of the Jury will be announced a few days before the Festival gets started. Remember that if you are awarded for the Short Documentary Films or National Short Fiction Films, as well as the FICL award and the €1,500 prize, you will get your foot in the door of the Goya Awards: you will then be preselected, which is a step away from the nominations that the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences in Spain will announce toward the end of the year.

Congratulations to all the #FICL18 nominees!

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